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On Letting Go


Remember as a kid, the first time someone took you to fly a kite? How excited you were. You wanted to carry the bright colorful kite by yourself. You held onto the roll of string. Then when you finally got to an open field, you laid the kite on the ground. You expected it to take off and soar into the sky with ease. You’d just stand there holding onto the string filled with pride at your beautiful kite.

But it didn’t work that way at all did it? You found out that flying a kite takes a little effort. Some wind and alot of luck. You’d let out a little bit of string from the roll and go dashing off into the wind. The kite would weave and bob and then crash to the ground. You’d look at the other kites flying high above and realize that they all had a tail on them. So you ran into the house and asked your mom for some thing to make a tail for your kite. She’d hand you an old cleaning-rag and off you’d go filled with hope once again.

Then finally, after many tries, a cookie or two, and the right gust of wind.. your kite became energized and lifted into the sky just above your head. Someone yelled, “RUN!” So you did and your kite climbed as high as the string would allow. You stopped then to admire the kite high overhead as it weaved in the currents of wind. With that glorious cleaning-rag tail waving at you from ‘way, up, there!’

But then things changed. The kite began pulling at the string. It was almost screaming at you to give it more and more string. It wanted to go even higher. That’s when you realized that the roll of string had reached its end. There was no more. The kite could not go higher. But it still pulled. Harder and harder. Straining your arms until they grew weary.

Relationships are like flying kites. They take effort, patience, planning, time, perseverance, and a great tail. (Hehehe, I just had to write that!) They also need luck and a good head wind. It takes both the kite and the sting holder working together to make it soar. One without the other is nothing.

My relationship with Scott had flown as high as it could fly. We’d reached the end of the string on our roll. It was once filled with anticipation and excitement. It flew in the spring with the eagles in the bright blue sky. When the kite reached its maximum height, it began pulling. And pulling. Straining in the wind until my arms became weary. It had become time for Scott and I to go our separate ways. I held on, as tightly as I could, for as long as I could. Until my arms ached. And then…
I let go.

I was sad of course to watch Scott being carried away with the wind. I waved goodbye. I wiped a tear. And I wished him happiness.


9 thoughts on “On Letting Go

  1. What a wonderful metaphor and how right you are….when we hang on we get so sore and things tear inside us….tears follow. We need time to say a proper goodbye to each kite. The bravery and courage comes in stepping up to fly another kite…then we hang onto our lovely friends hands as hard as we can. Love you Jeannie xxx

    1. I can’t help humming the song, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from the Mary Poppins movie. Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height.. la, la, la la, la, laaaa.

      Holding your hand.. and not letting go!
      Jeannie xxxxx

  2. Grip the kite tightly, don’t let go. A wonderful description of a heart that holds on to romance until…

    May your days be as light as that kite sailing in the wind, Jeannie. Even though, the string may be like the scar that trails across your heart.

    Hugs and Blessings ~ Maxi

  3. If we hold a kite too tightly as it is pulled away, the string burns and cuts our hands and destroys the kite. But it’s also true that when we let go of the kite, and it takes off into the clouds, it always comes down somewhere and sometime.

    Jeannie, may the kite you let go to soar as the wind carried it, be replaced with a kite brighter, stronger, more lovely, and yours to fly and keep for a lifetime. Don’t give up on being that child with the will and desire to play with a kite. (wink-wink and smile)

  4. Richard,
    I can’t even imagine a kite like that. I do have a playful child-like spirit, but I have to admit… it’s a bit disheartened these days.
    (Your wink-wink smile…. made me smile. Thank you.)


      1. The Trix are for kids ad.. well that bunny I can connect with!

        I’ll pray that your wait won’t be a long one. That you’ll be ready for her and that she’ll be ready for you… soon.

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