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When Life is Harsh I Make Cream Cheese Frosting

Okay.. so today started out with a bang. I got a migraine headache while I was driving to work. It was dark. It was snowing. And I get the kind of migraines where you see spots that eventually block out your eyesight and make you talk weird all before then the headache hits.

I arrive at school at 6:00 am. Its me and the janitor in the building. I find my way up a few steps, feel around in a basket to find the keys that turn on the lights in the big multipurpose room that serves as cafeteria, Zumba room, school program auditorium, etc.

I fumbled around in my purse until I found my medication. In less than five minutes, my first student arrived. Together she and I cut out big red and pink valentine hearts from construction paper. By the time we had enough for each student, I was feeling better.

This is where life gets harsh. At 7:30 our room is filled with students playing. The breakfast program is setting up across the room. Then the PA system kicked into gear.. “All staff report to the library as soon as possible.”

Now, all staff, means all school staff. I looked at my two co-workers who were now there helping me carry out the morning activities. Something just isn’t right ran through my mind.

The janitor came through our room wiping tears from her face. She stopped part way through the room, turned and walked toward me. Tears streaming from her eyes. Her arms wrapped around me.. I held her tight as she sobbed, “The principal has stage 4 cancer and its spread to her brain. She just found out last night.” I told her how sorry I was as her cries softened. I gave her a gentle squeeze and she walked away.

The principal is an amazing woman. I’ve known her for the three months I’ve been working at the school. She is the beacon for this school, its staff and students. Last night her light dimmed briefly. Only long enough to re-direct its focus. Today she fights for her health, her life.

When I got home after the first part of my day I decided to bake.. Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting. A day like this, just calls for it.


5 thoughts on “When Life is Harsh I Make Cream Cheese Frosting

    1. The school is rallying as I knew they would to support and encourage their principal and friend. The school system brought in several school leaders from the community to assist staff and students with the process of finding a new normal. Its going very well.
      Love you tons Jane!!

    1. Maxi,,
      This darn cancer stuff touches everyone in some way. I’ve only been working within this school for a couple of months, so I don’t have the deep connections that the other staff and students have with this principal. I feel fortunate to be able to provide support and encouragment from a less emotionally connected position.
      Thank you Maxi.. for you loving and generous heart.

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