I’d been sleeping for a long time when the dream began. I was warm and snuggled down deep into my bed. I sleep on my left side most of the time, leaning my tummy into the soft sheets with my leg bent slightly. The covers pulled up high over my right shoulder.

Many nights I wake sporadically, briefly opening one eye to check the time on the clock. I don’t know why I do this, but I do. Then I’ll drift once again gently back to sleep. But this particular night, I didn’t wake at all. Until the dream was over that is.

I was standing in a gathering of people. I felt comfortable there. The room had a light feel to it. I was holding onto a beverage, something fruity, lemonade maybe. In a clear glass, with a bright yellow napkin wrapped around the bottom of it to catch the tiny droplets of moisture from the outside of the glass.

There was alot of casual talking, but I don’t remember hearing any music or anything. Then I noticed a man entering the group. Some of the people knew him and greeted him with smiles and pats on the back. The gentle smile on his face put me at ease. He’s self-assured, confident, comfortable. He’s someone you’d be interested in meeting.

The next part of the dream begins in sort of a fuzzy way.. I can’t focus on the beginning of the next scene… but someone (I don’t know who) told me to “remember this date”… 07-29-56. It was repeated.. 07-29-56. Then in the dream, I was told by this unknown person, to “Write it down!”
That’s when I woke up.. threw both legs over the side of the bed, and went immediately to my desk and wrote it down on a sticky pad. An orange sticky pad to be exact. Then, I went on about my day as usual. Making coffee, showering for work, eating a piece of peanut butter toast for breakfast as I walked out the door to work.

It was later that evening when I noticed the orange sticky pad with the date scribbled on it. I vaguely remembered the dream. But as I looked at the note again, I made a decision. I tore it off the pad and folded it in half. I put it inside my billfold. It travelled with me on my 6000 mile trip last June. It sat quietly waiting as I moved to Wisconsin in July when it was 104 degrees. It stayed there all through my holiday shopping. And it’s still there.

The other day, I met someone new. And as usual, I was telling my girlfriend, Tammy about him, she asked me what his birthday is. I told her that I hadn’t asked.

“Well ask him!” she said loudly.
“You still have the note don’t you?”

“Of course I still have it.” I told her. “In the same place I put it last spring. It’s just…”

My voice trailed off, but my mind kept on going. I’m afraid. What if it isn’t him? What if it is?

I’ve told myself it was just a silly dream. That it really doesn’t mean anything. And that date could be anything. Anything.

But what if.. what if it’s… something?


11 thoughts on “07-29-56

  1. This is very interesting, Jeannie. “The other day I met someone new?” Someone in a dream told you to write down a number? Even if this new person and the number are not connected … the number has meaning.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    • Thank you Maxi. I thought it must have some sort of meaning too. But it could be anyone.. a new friend, coworker, etc.. but someone significant in some way.

    • Beth Ann,
      Those husbands do find our antics entertaining. I will keep you posted. I just spoke with the woman who facilitated our first meeting.. I told her that i had a nice time and would be interested in getting to know him better. It turns out that she has invited him to attend a singles group that I go to. We’ll see what happens.

  2. I absolutely love hearing of others’ dreams. It is precious, choice. I do believe there’s something to be read into them, but I think only the dreamer could accurately say.

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