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Happy Birthday Kali!


I travelled five hours early yesterday morning back to Iowa to participate in my granddaughter’s 8th birthday party. She is me reincarnate. Exuberant, creative, funny, spirited and of course cute as a button! Completely unlike me, (Insert Sarcasm here) she has a bit of sass that keeps people around her on their toes. Especially at the roller skating rink where her party was held.

She participated in the limbo and got to throw the big dice as a birthday recognition at the beginning of the big dice game. Her friends and our family members gathered at 7:00 pm at our assigned party area. Cupcakes and ice cream sundae cups were set up, glowing wrist bands were at each child’s seat along with a few quarters for the arcade games.

I have to admit the smells brought back so many memories of my own roller skating days. The smell of popcorn, dill pickles and foot odor from the rental skates that are the originals of 30 years ago. (They were well worn even then.)

The kids had a great time skating and falling and skating again to the music being DJ’d by local radio celebrity, Harry-O. Harry took requests all evening from the other middle-aged teeny boppers that were reminiscing the night away like me with their now growing families. We listened to the likes of The Beatles, Vanilla Ice, Katy Perry, and PSY.

Roundabout 10:00 though, even the eyes of the little partiers were beginning to daze over. They had filled themselves with treats, loud music and friends. Still it was with reluctance that they removed roller skates and gathered party treat bags to take home. It was a birthday success.

Happiest Birthday Kali! I love you tons!

(This is where Kali says in her own sassy way.. “Well Grandma, I love you more than that!)


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kali!

  1. LOL!!! Aren’t you the funny one Jane! This sassy grandma had a great time! And I managed to see every one of my kids all in the same day!
    Love you tons too Jane!
    Jeannie xxxxxxx

  2. it’s funny how people have memories of different things..for me all I think about around her birthday is her birth. every year I relive that two days of fear and joy. and every year it brings me to tears for various reasons…oh my Kali.

    1. I still think of the day you were born every year on your birthday. It was hot and humid and had been stormy for days. It was evening and I felt anxious but couldn’t put my finger on why. So I took a walk around the neighborhood. Then I went to bed at 9:30. I woke around 5 am with contractions and began timing them. By 7:30 I was walking the hallway on the maternity ward, where I kept walking for hours and hours. You were finally born at 8:52 pm. And I’ve been in love with you ever since.

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