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Foreign Travel


Well, it’s not exactly like I needed to dust off my passport or anything. It’s more that I have managed to enter a new phase of learning. And the landscape is foreign to me. I’m not sure how to move about here. I’m not sure what the language is or even if they have McDonalds.

The most alarming thing is that there seems to be a fog and I can’t see a path to take. Not in any direction. Maybe my eyes need to become accustomed to the light. Maybe I need to take a deep breath and calm down.

Yeah.. I know I don’t wanna take that last path for another trip. It lead to unfortunate things. But.. it’s what I know. Its familiar. I knew how to maneuver there. Even if it did always end up being disappointing.

I think I’ll just stand here in this spot I find myself in. Stand still. Don’t move. Yet.


10 thoughts on “Foreign Travel

  1. Jeannie, can sure relate to that feeling. Standing still is good advice to take. Mind races to the many different paths that I could take. But I know that if I make moves anytime soon they will not be guided by clarity.
    Take care in your spot for as long as you need.

    1. I’ve taken paths for all sorts of reasons. I’m realizing though as I get older, that I should be more certain about where I’m putting my feet. Having clarity before I take even one step seems to make the most sense right now. Glad to know I’m not the only one standing still.

    1. I’m looking for the lighthouse.. with it’s strong beam of light to break through the dense fog I’m standing in. I know it’s there. I can hear the deep tone of the fog horn calling out to me.
      I’ve taken a few steps toward the sound. And away from the path I knew. The familiar one that only goes in a dissappointing circle. Like a hamster wheel. Over and over and over.
      By the Grace of God I fell off that wheel. Yes, I landed with a thump… but I got up. With fear and trebidation I’m stepping slowly away from that circular path.
      Hoping with all my heart that the next path isn’t just another disappointing circle. I want to bypass those.

  2. Sounds like something is up, Jeannie. Maybe you’re not sure which way to go about a situation.

    Take a deep breath, it will come.
    blessings ~ maxi

    1. Yes Maxi, something’s up. I’m working through a huge step of growth. As scared and uncertain as I feel, I’m also very grateful. Just trying to muster up a little courage and tenacity before I take my next steps. Deep breath in -2 -3 -4.

  3. You have the tenacity and courage my lovely friend and you just need the rest. I think the path forward comes from the simplest thing…you may feel dazed but you are already moving forward and I am right there holding your hand šŸ™‚ Xxxx We’ll walk together xxxx

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