Thank You


We had another 7+ inches of snow over the past day or so. Not the pretty fluffy kind. Nope, it was the heavy ‘it’ll splash when it hits you’ kind of snow. When you walk on it, your foot sinks down into squishy wet spatters of mush. Cold mush.

After work yesterday, I walked out to the parking lot to find the tires of my car a third of the way covered in snow. The parking lot hadn’t been plowed. And I was the last car in the lot, hoping that I wasn’t gonna get stuck on my way out. (I didn’t.)

It had been a long couple of days at work and I toyed with the idea of stopping for dinner on the way home. But with the snow still falling, I decided I didn’t want to manage another parking lot full of hungry people. Drive thru was an option, but there isn’t anything drive thru along my route.

I went home. Directly home. Didn’t pass go and didn’t collect $200. But I was safe and warm and in for the night. I pulled out the pink fuzzy slippers and opened the fridge. Before too long I had a nice dinner set on the table with a glass of wine and Funny Home Videos on tv to keep me entertained.

It was still snowing and the wind had picked up by the time I went to bed. I set the alarm for a bit earlier than usual so that I would have extra time to go out and clear my car of snow and ice before my morning drive. Then I slept.

Right on que the alarm went off and the coffee pot went on. I showered and dressed and sans make-up I bundled up and headed out to tackle my snow bank embedded car. Yup at 5:30 am. Alone. In the dark.

Much to my surprise shock, the sidewalk and parking lot had been already cleared. I made my way down the sidewalk making sure to avoid the icy spots. (I have very little grace or elegance on the best of footings. Needless to say that in middle age I just don’t bounce as well as you’d expect if I should fall.) I rounded the corner of the building and there at the end of the parking row sat my car. All shiny and beautiful and completely snow free!

All of the other cars were blanketed with several inches of thick wet snow. My car.. completely clear.

Unless God avoided snowfall only on my parking space, that means someone came by during the wee hours and cleared my car.

To be honest, I had a momentary suspicion. Had someone broken into my car? Then I realized that they certainly wouldn’t have cleared the snow first. Hahahaha!

So whoever you are that ventured out during the cold early morning to do me a huge favor. I want to say, thank you. Very much.
And because I’m feeling the need of a blessing.. I’m counting this as one very much appreciated blessing. I’ll pay it forward.

(FYI.. the picture IS NOT my car. Just in case you were wondering.:))


7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Maybe you have a secret admirer, Jeannie. I surely don’t envy your plight with the snow. Hope you get some relief soon. This is mean but I gotta say it…
    Blessings from your Florida friend ~ maxi

    • Maxi,
      Well, they sure are keeping it a secret. I haven’t been able to find out who was so thoughtful. In a few more weeks, we’ll say goodbye to another winter. And it isn’t mean to wish me blessings from Florida.. It’s beautiful there!

  2. Oh I LOVE it!!! I was out shoveling the walks yesterday—hubby helped till his back started to seize up and there is no way I am going to make him go through again needlessly so it was me and the sidewalk by the road to finish……the corner house with ALL the sidewalk!! I had gotten it almost all done but was at the spot where the sidewalks intersect and go into the two streets and it was too much since the plows had gone through multiple times. Enter the guy on the Bobcat who was clearing the neighbors (also corner lot!) and he came and finished it off for me and cleared out from the fire hydrant!!! He got a special thank you and my heartfelt gratitude. So glad someone went out of their way for you! It really makes your day!

    • There are many things Richard. Like my wonderful blogger friends who make the effort to read and offer insight, encouragements and greetings.
      Thank you for touching my life,

  3. It’s just that it may be cold for us right now, it is warm and sunny compared to what you’re going through. Thinking of ya, Jeannie ~ your Florida friend
    blessings ~ maxi

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