9 thoughts on “Oh For Goodness Sakes!

  1. Must be a Yahoo thing—-another friend had hers hacked too and it sent out all these weird emails from her account. I think they should have let those Yahoo folks continue to work from home……:-)

  2. Hi Beth Ann,
    yes.. it was my very first email account from years ago. I have another through my local internet service. Guess I’ll have to change things so its more secure.
    Hope you have the glorious sunshine that I have here today.

  3. Aaaaw Jeannie. This can be very annoying, but as its known to happen i am very careful when receiving e mails, even from people i know and am very suspicious. I did initially go cold when i read the one sent from your acct, but quickly realised that it was not written by you. It is not written in the style you would normally write so i immediately thought it was a fake. Thanks for the blog, it confirmed what i already suspected and my relief was great when it confirmed that u were indeed fine.
    One can never be careful enough on this i net. There are just too many weirdos around
    Take care and be safe.

  4. I got one too my lovely and immediately I knew it wasn’t from you…glad you have sunshine in Wisconsin and are safe…biggest hugs and much love XXx

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