The Broken Cup


We’ve all had it happen. We have a favorite cup. We drink coffee from it every day. Then while washing it, it gets cracked, or even worse, the handle breaks off. We have that ‘gasp’ “Oh no!” moment. We begin searching for super glue. Tenderly we pick up the pieces and carefully press them back together. We set the cup aside in a safe place so the glue can set. “Whew, we’ve diverted a cup crisis.”

People are like cups. Once in a while we become chipped or cracked from life’s wear and tear. Sometimes it’s more severe and a part of us breaks. We all have some kind of disability. From a fear of spiders to an illness or a physical disability. These ‘broken’ parts of us prevent us from doing things ‘normally’. But we can usually find a way to work with or around or in spite of our disabilities. To do the things we need to or want to do.

My disabilities come in the form of fallout from childhood abuse. My parents had been damaged from their own lives and it trickled on down in my direction. As a child I didn’t have super glue (mainly because it hadn’t been made yet) so I had to make peace with my difficulties. I chose to look at the fallout. To heal it to the best of my abilities. I sought out therapy to help me make sense of it all and to encourage me to thrive.

Just like that coffee mug with the cracked or broken handle it can be repaired and still keep its value, purpose and beauty. Yes, at times if you look real hard you can see the cracks both in the cup and in me. But its purpose is being fulfilled and so is mine. And if properly repaired, both the cup and I are stronger than we were to begin with.

My disabilities have allowed me to reach out in directions I never would have. To touch others with similar disabilities and help them heal and thrive. I took what was broken within me and used it for something good. My cracks have helped me to have a deeper purpose.

This little saying is on the bulletin board at work:

“Blessed are the cracked, for it is they who let in the light.”

It reminds me to let my inner light shine through all of my cracks. It will light someone else’s way.


6 thoughts on “The Broken Cup

  1. I love this post and have read it several times. You talk in pictures Jeannie and you have a very special light to me, my hand holding buddy. I love you ❤ Xxx

  2. Through all the years of facilitating therapy groups, I’ve learned to ‘paint pictures’ with words so that others can see what I’m talking about. They can find similarities in themselves without feeling threatened or singled out.
    That is my goal, to plant a seed. A word, thought or picture that connects us.

    I love you to Jane.. I met a woman at singles group last night who is from your old hometown! What a small world it is. One day I hope we’ll sit together on the same side of the ocean.
    Jeannie xxxxx

  3. You give so much Jeannie, the world is blessed to have you. There is a reason you glued yourself back together and “soldiered on.”

    Let your shine, my friend, someone is searching.

    blessings ~ maxi

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