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Life is crazy busy these past few weeks. I hardly have time to catch my breath between jobs and social plans. But I’ve planned well and have my various ‘offices’ packed into tote bags. One tote bag for each job and one for the singles group. Organization seems to be keeping this craziness under control, at least for the moment.

As I’ve been setting a structure for the singles group, it has caused me to take a good look at my own singleness. What are the parts of single-ness that I enjoy, what are the parts I still want to fill and what are the parts I don’t want to give up.

I’ve been doing some writing exercises with the singles. Some had questions on the various topics of being single again. So I’ve tapped into the binders I’ve kept through the years of groups I’ve facilitated. I have enough meeting plans to keep me going for ages. And one of the best parts of it all, is that the singles are finding use in the topics and exercises we work on at meetings. Don’t get me wong, we have alot of socializing too. The events I’ve planned out in the community give us opportunities to get together and just have fun. I have to say, I’m enjoying it very much.

There’s the couples fellowship.. and they aren’t so pleased about the changes I’ve made to the group. We’ve had several conversations about the periods of change and transitioning into new ways of being together as a group. I pointed out that they haven’t lost anything by continuing to meet as couples.. merely that the singles do different activities for a part of the evening.
At our weekly meetings, the couples and singles gather together at the beginning to go over announcements and events planned for that week. We have a few moments of prayer and encouragements for the group and its members. Then we separate for our individual activities. 45 minutes later, we rejoin the group to share dessert and conversation.

The singles are forming friendship bonds. Yay! That means success. From friendship, good, strong, healthy relationships are born. I hope that in time, the couples fellowship members will continue joining in the planned events and come to at least an acceptance, if not an understanding, that the changes are for the good of the whole group.

All of the planned events have been open to both the couples and singles to attend. We’ve ventured off to Friday Fish Fry, held a movie night with homemade popcorn and rootbeer floats, and this weekend, we’re attending a comedy club and we’re meeting for Sunday Morning Breakfast. In the coming months we’ll visit Farmers Market, I have a Zoo & Canoe event planned, a bonfire and picnic, and we’ll be attending area outdoor concerts.

Much to Tammy’s delight, I visited Farmer’s Market this morning. It was a hopping place! Tammy sent me on a mission to find her scrungie pads. Lo and behold… I found them! And some lovely flowers for my balcony too.

Have a Superb Saturday everyone!


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