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So I never thought that at age 11, my son Hunter would be strapped into a race car. Well maybe strapped into one.. just to see what it’s like. But.. he actually drives this crazy thing around a track. And the very worst part is that there are other guys strapped into race cars driving on the same track at the same time!

I have to admit, I’m very proud of him. I’m thinking he’s the most handsome race car driver I’ve ever seen. (No mother bias here at all.) It isn’t all me though. There are many young girls who are oogling at him from the stands and coming up to talk to him after he races.

I spent my Friday evening at the Hancock County Speedway in Britt, Iowa watching Hunter prepare for his race. The day had been threatening rain up until the last minute. Much to Hunter’s excitement, it held off. You see, it was his birthday and his wish was to race. And race he did. He came in second place for his feature race.

The evening wasn’t without incident though. During the second lap, on turn 4 there was an accident. A 13-year-old racer in a car ahead of Hunter missed the turn. He spun out and went over the embankment, rolling 4 times, coming to rest on the roof in the grass at the edge of the track. All in full view of his mother who was standing next to me in the viewing box. Several other cars collided on the track and the red flag was waved.

I grabbed onto the mother who was petrified and shaking with her eyes covered. We held on as I softly told her (and I) to take deep breaths. I looked over at her son’s car as people we rushing to pull him out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my ex-husband rushing toward the track. He was going from one stalled, mangled car to another. He finally reached Hunter’s car. Knowing I’d be panicked, he waved to me as he directed Hunter to drive forward through the crash site. Hunter was unscathed.

The mother and I were still holding on and breathing when I saw her son’s helmet moving inside the car. One last deep breath and I was relieved to announce that he’d been pulled from the car and was standing. Her son was scurried to a waiting ambulance as is the protocol for any roll-over.

The race continued with five fewer cars. Hunter finished in second place. We later learned that the 13-year-old was checked over in the ambulance and released.

Today Hunter is celebrating his birthday with friends and family at a Bowling Party. Hopefully, there will be no roll-overs.


2 thoughts on “Racing

  1. And in the beginning we worry about giving them the best start in life, we have no idea what they will choose to do with it!! I found a pure white hair the other day! Love you xxx

  2. Jane,
    Unfortunately I’m a worrier by nature. That explains why you only have ONE white hair. You lucky girl. I could send you a box full!
    I love you too,
    Jeannie xxxxxx

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