Dinner On The Balcony


What an absolutely wonderful day! I accepted a new position in the agency I’m working for. The offer came on Friday, I had a feeling it was coming. I’m not the most qualified, I’m not the most educated, I’m not the most fluent in Spanish… but I had this feeling.

As for the Spanish, well I know two phrases. One will get you to the bathroom and the other will get your hands off of me. Yeah I know, lame right? But.. for some reason they chose me. And I’m utterly grateful. Job security at last.

No more split shifts, no more working in the evenings after work. No more 6:00 am in a snowstorm. No more second job to make ends meet. I breathed a sigh of relief this morning when I met with one of the administrative team. They were sad to see me leave one area of the agency but happy to welcome me to the new position as Office Coordinator.

It was still difficult to make the call to my second employer giving my notice. She said she could understand my choice, was sorry to see me go, but left the door open to me if ever things would change. Very nice.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I made the third call. I needed to take some continuing education over the summer for the old position I had. I had received a scholorship to cover the costs. But I didn’t want to commit to that particular position for two more years, as was the stipulation for accepting the scholarship. The extra education was not going to increase my salary by one penny.

This evening I feel free for the first time in a very long time. Financially safe and free. So I had a lovely dinner on the balcony to celebrate. What a wonderful day!


11 thoughts on “Dinner On The Balcony

    • Hi Thys!
      It’s wonderful to hear from you. I’m quite pleased too. I’ve never had such a challenge in finding a solid position before. It was a real learning experience.
      So to have a nice dinner on my balcony, enjoying the river and the sunshine, just seemed to be the perfect end to the day.
      Love and Hugs to you,
      Jeannie xxx

  1. First, Congratulations Jeannie. You may finally be able to settle down and get on with it. Yeah!

    Second, I’m gonna jump right into the monitor and gobble up some o’ that dinner. I would probably fall over the rail after a little o’ the bubbly.

    So glad for you ~ blessings ~ maxi

    • Thank you Maxi. I really do feel settled.
      I’d love to invite you for dinner on my balcony. It was a warm day so I thought what better than a taco salad. Cool,crisp and a little spicy. 🙂
      Love & Blessings,

  2. You so deserve this break my lovely friend…enjoy your new schedule/post and that lovely meal and yay, we’ll get to catch-up now. So very well done for managing all those extra hours….love you. Xxxx

  3. Hi Jane,
    Well, it’s been a great first week. I learned some new things and I got to warm up many skills I haven’t used in a while. I also met an amazing woman… she came to see another staff person, but we had the best conversation.
    I finally feel safe Jane. I just can’t explain it fully. I think this is what ‘happy’ feels like.
    Love you so much,
    Jeannie xxxxxx

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