Where Did Summer Go?


So I was just getting used to the bright sunny days. The warm temperatures and gorgeous sunsets. The chatter of passersby on the trail just off my balcony. And I woke up this morning and found out.. its almost over already. What happened?

I must have been in a daze. Maybe a trance. Or maybe it was the busy-ness of my job. The schedule of social events for the singles group. And the trips back to Iowa to watch Hunter race, spend time with the kids and visit friends. Yup.. I think that’s what happened to summer.

Whatever it was… it’s done. Another summer over. School begins this week where I live. I’ll be training in the very competent, if not a little bit nervous, replacement for my old position with the school program. I got to visit the school with him last Friday. We unpacked all of the supplies that my co-staff and I had packed up that last week of school in June. We also unpacked all of the new materials we ordered just for this fall. It was great to see my co-staff. Beth had her baby in late July and Elise and her fiance bought their first home and moved in. So many things had changed for all of us, but it was as if it was only a minute ago that we said see ya later.

They say its a sure sign of aging when time passes faster and faster. Yeah, you guessed it.. I had a birthday over the summer too. I can finally order from the seniors menu at Perkins! Whoo Hoo! (Yeah, I’m trying to make light of my silly middle-aged self). In celebration, I lightened my hair a shade, well two shades. (But who’s gonna notice.)

The singles group has progressed nicely. We’ve cleared the hump of change and have found a whole new appreciation and respect for one another. I really enjoy the people and the events we’ve shared. Everything from Jazz concerts in the park with a lovely glass of Horizon Cuvee to an Adults Only Pajama Party. Yes we all wore pajamas and had a great time playing games and having snacks and laughing! One brave fella wore his nightshirt and nightcap and carried a stuffed monkey.
Another evening we watched an outdoor movie, “Lincoln” right on the lawn of The Lincoln-Tallman House. It was much more poingiant being able to look up at the window where President Lincoln had slept. Then we celebrated National Lasagne Day by having dinner at The Italian House. And we laughed the evening away at Comedy Club watching comediene Donna Carter. Her show titled “Fat Girls Don’t Wrinkle” was hysterical. Check out her performance schedule online.

Finally, last night my youngest son, Hunter (who turned eleven in June) won first place in the points standing by racing in the Novice Hornet Class. Of course I yelled and screamed and was a pile of nerves as my little guy drove his Dodge Neon race car with Ricky Bobby painted on the hood, around the dirt race track at 80 miles an hour. It was a huge deal for him.. (Geez, he even has groupies!) Dirt was flying through the air as he took the lead for three laps. But then in the final turn.. one competitor slipped past him. Hunter finished in second place for this race. He’ll receive his trophy and jacket at a banquet on October 26th. (Yup, I’m proud!)

Whew! I guess that’s where summer went. It passed in the blink of an eye. Hope you all enjoyed your summer too! Hugs to everyone!


7 thoughts on “Where Did Summer Go?

  1. Well done to Hunter and to you, Jeannie, for supporting and encouraging him in doing what he loves. He seems to have the talent for racing.
    Our spring should have started on 1 September, but the last weekend was the coldest we had all winter lol . Sooo maybe you will still have some summer left while we struggle to let go of winter and let it go to you 😉
    Glad to hear you are doing well U deserve it my lovely friend
    Take care Jeannie Will hopefully talk to you soon
    Love and hugs

  2. Always wonderful to hear from you Thys. I think I’d be happy though, if you kept winter over there for a very long time yet. I’m really not ready for snow boots and heavy coats and mittens. I do know how you are intrigued with the snow. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about winter. So stay tuned. The first snow fall I’ll dedicate to you my dear friend.
    Love & Hugs,

  3. Hello lovely Jeannie, great to read your post. Congratulations to Hunter, and to you for supporting in what is clearly a passion for him. White hair inducing for you!! The echoes of Summer are still here…we ate outside last night before the sun dropped. What a lovely summer it has been. Much love and biggest hugs to you my lovely friend. Xxxxx

  4. Jane!
    How wonderful to hear from you. As always a great joy. Yes, Hunter is very excited and proud to achieve such standing after his very first season of racing. And I have stocked up on a lovely hair color in a box.
    The weather here had been quite hot actually in the mid to upper 90’s. But we had a nice reprieve over the weekend with high’s in the 70’s. Three of my four children and I gathered on the farm for a nice grill out. Of course after dinner there were rides in the race car. My older son also has a race car and there was a little competition in the hay field. A blue fender left behind in the grass tells the tale of that expedition!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Much love to you,
    Jeannie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Summer is quickly passing. The leaves here are turning to gold and brown, and as I sat praying this morning, I heard the first flock of geese flying overhead as they make their way to warmer nights in California and Mexico. With the subtle hints that fall and then winter are fast approaching … I wish I was flying south too.

    • Hi Richard,
      Beautifully written. The leaves on my potted plants are looking a bit tired and ready for a rest. And flying south sounds like a wonderful plan. If it’s a group effort, keep me in mind. 🙂
      Hope you and Daniel are doing well.. it’s great to hear from you!

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