Easy, Like Sunday Morning

0922130727My coffee maker sputters from the kitchen, and it’s rich, black brew entices me to slip out of my warm repose.

A relaxing evening led to a long restful sleep. And that led to a beautiful, sunny-crisp, early fall morning. The wispy steam is rising from the river that’s flowing softly under the Milwaukee Street bridge. A young couple settles along the river’s edge with fishing poles, to watch the sun stretch its arms as it peeps above the horizon.

The trees along the Riverwalk are not showing their colorful signs of the fall season. Yet, the coolness of 43 degrees whispers otherwise as my bare feet begin to chill on the balcony floor. Snap a picture or two and it’s back inside, curling my toes into the soft, plush carpet.

I have no plan for the day. Nothing calling me out of my laziness. Today.. it’s Easy, Like Sunday Morning.


6 thoughts on “Easy, Like Sunday Morning

    • Hi Maxi,
      Yes, I do love my apartment. It’s a lovely place here along the river. It’s especially nice when I take time to enjoy it. It seems life can get very busy at times. So these lazy mornings are important.
      Hope you’re doing well.
      Love and blessings,

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