Happy Halloween


It’s that wonderfully silly holiday where everyone gets to be a kid for the day.  Obviously I’m all in.  Today at work, 50+ preschoolers will come to ‘trick or treat’ at my desk.  One little girl proudly informed me yesterday that she will be a fairy princess.  A pink one.  I’ll be watching for her.

Happy Halloween Eveyone!


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Goodness, 50+ preschoolers stoppin’ by? Can we say busy?

    Hope you are well and happy Jeannie, that Hunter is doing fine and life is good for you both.

    You can’t fool me under that mask, I know it’s you, LOL.

    Lots o’ Love and Lots o’ Blessings ~ maxi

    • Ahh Maxi, The Preschoolers sang songs about pumpkins and had so much excitement. It was a real joy.
      And yes, I am happy. (There it is.. in writing and everything!) I love my apartment, my job and my coworkers. I love my singles group and the amazing friends I’ve made there.
      And then there’s Hunter… he is amazing! He was racing cars.. the real kind, over the summer months. He managed to come in first place at one race track and second place at another. He got a trophy, two race jackets, two plaques and a cash prize. He even had to give a speech..”I want to thank my Mom and Dad.. and I’ll see ya next year.” Yes.. I’m very proud AND I’m using more hair color than I did before race season.
      Love & Blessings to you!

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