One of Life’s Hardest Lessons

We can use our words to lift each other up or to tear each other apart.

Wordsmith's Desk

Take a feather pillow and climb a high tower on a windy day. Once on top, cut open the pillow and let the feathers loose in the wind. Then, climb down from the tower and gather all the feathers and place them back in the pillow. You will find it is impossible to do so.

You see, the feathers are like the hurtful words that leave our mouth. Once they are spoken, you cannot get them back. You may think “I’m sorry” makes it all better, but the most sincere “I’m sorry” cannot undo the damage that hurtful words create.

Consider the damage done by a hand grenade or a wrecking ball, even the simple event of a dinner plate crashing to the floor. How difficult, if not impossible, would it be to make everything as it was.

“A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but…

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