It’s been a long time, a very long time since I’ve written a blog post. To the few of you who keep checking in every day inspite of my neglectful ways, I thank you.

Just to get everyone up to date:
I have recenty taken a new path. So I’m celebrating that with a new blog design. I’m in a new state, with a new job and searching for a new place to live. (I know, I’ve never done things in exact order… but windows of opportunity open and you either jump through or it closes.)

I wasn’t really prepared to jump, I wanted just a bit more time, but life had other plans. It was a whirlwind of activity and last minute decisions to make. But here I am. Ready or not, I’ve landed in this new chapter of my life. In the beginning, I had to tweek a couple of decisions. But now it all feels right.

The blog design fits perfectly with my new job. I’m working the night shift. I haven’t done that in a very long time. Probably because the last time I did, I turned into a zombie. So if anyone begins noticing zombie-like qualities, please let me know. It’s just not a good mid-life look, at least not the one I’m going for.
This new job suits me though. The schedule suits me. It has amazing benefits and allows me to have some focused down time on a regular basis. (Time to write.)

The new state suits me too. I’m closer to family which is good. My car is pleased because I’ll have less driving to do. But as in all choices, there are gains, and their are losses. In this case, the gains far outweigh the losses. but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss some aspects of my former life. My social life to be exact. I had a large group of adult friends, and an active social /dating life. I miss my friends and the fun times we had. But I’m certain that in time, I’ll have a new group of friends to socialize with. In fact, there are 4 singles groups here! I should be able to make it to some of the events.

The new place to live seems to be the one snag I’ve found. I located a beautiful apartment with the open floor plan that I love, a balcony, and it’s near shopping and entertainment. To every upside there has to be a downside. In this case it’s distance. The perfect apartment is 35 miles from where I work. So on those cold wintery nights I’d be travelling a long way on icy roads in the dark. For some people 35 miles isn’t much of a trek. But when you work the night shift, your degree of alertness can suffer. My employer is located in a much smaller town. Little shopping or entertainment and very limited housing options.
I think I just have to be patient. I’m staying with friends. I have family near by and I see them often. I know the right option will find me. I just know it will.
In the meantime, I’ll just be hanging out here…. in the dark.


9 thoughts on “New

  1. Starting over is never easy … but it can be great fun. It gives you a chance to leave behind the parts of life that you want (or need) to forget and become more of the “real” you without that baggage. I’m praying for you.

    • Hi Richard,
      I’ve ‘started over’ a few times in my life. Different locations or different jobs. Like everything it has a purpose. I think my purpose in Wisconsin had been achieved. And it was time to move on. From the moment that thought first came into my conscious, the plan was being laid. And within a very short time I had two job offers, and three offers of places to stay until I found an apartment of my own.
      In fact, the moment I left came unexpectedly. I didn’t even have an opportunity to say goodbye to my friends. His plan was perfect. His timing was perfect. My landing here is exactly where I’m meant to be right now.

  2. well “hello”, so good to have you back on here!!! i hope you continue to delight us all with you wisdom and insights and experiences+++ lots of love to you, God Bless

    • Hi Maralyn!
      We need to get together for lunch or something. I’m back in town. As for the blog, I’m not so sure about delighting anyone, hahaha. But I’ll give it a shot.
      Love and blessings

  3. Oh how I have missed your writing Jeannie. It takes great courage to make a fresh start and you have courage in spades my lovely friend. As you move forward ‘shaking your tree’ then opportunities will open, I alwasy remind myself that the birds sing their dawn chorus before the sun has actually appeared. Good luck with your night shifts and my lovely, you have always shone for me. ❤ xXx

    • Oh Miss Jane,
      You are such a joyful inspiration. I’m getting settled into this new chapter of my life. Lots of things on the horizon and I’ll write about them all. You know me, I’m such a chatterbox! hahahahahaha!
      Love and many hugs.

  4. How wonderful for you, Jeannie. Life has turned around and kissed you on the cheek. Made you smile again. Given you new breath.

    May sunshine and lollipops fill your days.
    hugs n blessings ~ maxi

  5. Maxi,
    Yes life si being very kind to me these days. And I’m much appreciative. I’ve been seeing all sorts of familiar faces and today met with a lovely woman from my old life here. We had a lovely talk and she gave me some leads. You never know what a day holds.
    Sunshine days to you my dear Maxi!

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