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Yesterday I met with a wonderful lady from my past here. I thought our purpose was to view a couple of condos as I’m needing a place to live. As it turns out, viewing condos was a good reason to meet, but the purpose was much greater than that. We had the best ‘catch up’ chat. We had met years ago when I lived and worked here. I met her through the context of my work. Now, I’m meetig her again through the context of her work as a realtor. Funny how life circles around.

As we chatted, it became apparent to both of us that we have a greater purpose in each other’s lives. We had the most amazing connection. We both shared, and cried and laughed. During part of our conversation, she shared about some changes in the community and she also had a few possible opportunities for me to keep in mind as they unfold. By the end of our time together, I knew I didn’t want either of the condos… but I do want to continue this connection.

As everyhting has two sides to it, reminders do too. Early in the day I had some good reminders. But as they day progressed, I hit a couple of less than good reminders. Sometimes we question or have doubts about choices or decisions that we’ve made. Today I was blessed with a couple of reminders that validated the decisions I made before I moved from here. They didn’t seem like blessings at first. In fact, I ended up with hurt feelings. But… it relieved any doubts I had and validated my decisions. I’m moving forward in the right direction. Even though I don’t know where that direction is taking me at the moment. I have faith that forward is much better than recycling the past. I’ve lived that chapter of my life. I know how it turns out.

I made sort of a list of the good things I’ve gleaned from my life over the past couple of years. The things that have brought me the greatest joys and happiness. And going forward, I can incorporate all of those things into this present chapter of my life. I can hardly wait to see how it all unfolds.


4 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Isn’t it wonderful Jeannie when we make connections like that? The universe is a marvelous thing as she unfolds. Your one line ‘I know how it turns out’ caught me…that is so true. We hold hope don’t we? For a different outcome, but it doesn’t flow like that and the courage it takes to let go is rewarded in the ‘new’ that we create space for. Bless you my lovely friend, not because you’ve sneezed!, but for your new pathway and all it holds. ❤ xXx

    1. I’m feeling more well-rounded. All the parts of myself that I had set aside are re-appearing, like writing again. I’ve missed it, and the connections I had here.
      Yes.. it’s an adventure to see what transpires and grows from the seeds being planted.
      Love & Hugs

  2. …forward is much better than recycling the past. You are so right, Jeannie. You can’t change what was left behind but your heart can can rejoice in what is to come.
    blessings ~ maxi

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