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Going With The Flow

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I am the epitome of impatience.  Of wanting to know how it all turns out.  Of getting to the next step already!

I’ve relocated.  Begun the new job.  Completed the initial training.  Spending wonderful family times.  Welcoming a new grandchild.  But for some reason, it doesn’t feel like things are moving.  Like the flow isn’t flowing.  As if I’ve reached a pool that needs to fill completely before the water level pushes through to a new tributary. 

When I lived in Wisconsin, I had a lovely apartment right along the river.  There was a dam nearby, that when need be, the water levels could be slowed down or opened wide to allow maximum water flow.  The river was always flowing.  Always. It flowed throughout the winter months, and it flowed all summer long.  I knew it was flowing becasue I could always hear the rush of the river in the background of my life. 

But now… I can’t hear the rush of the water.  I can’t see the river flowing by.  I’m stuck on one aspect of my new path in life.  I haven’t found an apartment yet.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I found the perfect apartment.  One that I could immeidately see myself living in. It felt right.  But its in the wrong town.  35 miles away from family and work. 

In the town where family and work are.. there isn’t an apartment.  It seems there’s a bit of a housing crunch there.  That’s why I feel stuck.  Why I don’t feel as if I’m moving forward. 

Eventually, there will be an apartment.  And I’ll happen upon it.  When it’s time.  Now, isn’t the right time.  there must be other things I’m supposed to be experiencing right now.  Focusing on.  Learning from.  And when it’s time, the water will push through and the right apartment will become available. Until then, it’s okay to tread water in the pool.


8 thoughts on “Going With The Flow

  1. Great post. I can identify with the waiting and the feeling stuck at times. But it all works out eventually as I am sure it will for you. Patience is a difficult lesson to work through, I have found, but it has made me stronger and stronger with each lesson. Enjoy that new baby as much as you can. 🙂

    1. It seems that writing it out here allows me to see things from outside of myself. As in, I step outside the forest for the trees kind of things. There is a purpose for this ‘waiting’ time. Things are being prepared. I am being prepared. Waiting is an action step. Somehow that makes me feel better.
      Loving that baby! 🙂

  2. Darling Jeannie, I can feel this one…it’s only a suggestion and you may need your own space totally….but I have found a cottage share on a farm. I know we have to be careful who we share space with, but this feels right….maybe something like this could work for you too? Much love and many hugs. ❤ xXxxXx

  3. I love the moving picture! How’d you do that?

    When I was a kid, I’d build “rivers” on my grandfathers farm. I’d hook the hose up to the pump, let the water run, then build river ways, dams, lakes, and then direct where and how the water flowed.

    Managing the water gave me an amazing sense of control … but there was always a part of my water system that would break and slowly dissolve everything else I’d been working so hard at controlling.

    Toward the end of summer, as the farm needed more water, there would come a time when the well would run dry and the water nearly stopped flowing. It was still there, just less of it and it flowed through the pump much slower. It required me to be more careful and plan better how to preserve what I had at the moment. It also made me thankful that I still had something muddy to play in.

    My love to you … as you learn to play thankfully in the trickle and the mud until the rainy season returns.

    1. Hi Richard,
      The moving water… check out I did a search for f”lowing river”, and tah dah!

      Your reply reminded me that every day offers its own gifts and blessings. So I thought for a moment and realied just how many blessings I have happening right now. There are many. Thank you Richard!

  4. Jeannie, 35 miles isn’t that far……..especially to get to a place that’s ‘right’. Some people search their whole life, and never get that close. ❤

    1. Hi,
      I agree with you that 35 miles isn’t that far to commute. I did it for years. My purpose in living here is that I have a 12 year old here… if I can live here locally, I can see him every day. I’ve lived 6 hours away for the past two years and have only spent every other weekend with him.. so I think I’ll give it just a bit longer to see if something opens up. (Believe me though, that apartment was amazing, so I won’t be eliminating the option, just giving it a little more time. It’s a big complex so they always have openings there.)

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