I was reading Richard’s Blog post and he talked about why God wrote the bible. Richard said it was so that God could Reveal Himself to us.
So I started thinking (as I’ve been known to do) about why I write. My mind travelled through the anals of my history. And I’ve always written, as long as I can remember. First writing in a diary as a young girl. Then I became much more sophicticated and began journaling. Now I just write. Because I do. But what good is writing if you don’t share it? So I do.

Revealing to whom ever chooses to read, the bits that when all put together, make me. Sometimes people have asked me why I share personal things. Private things. I think I do so that others who are thinking or feeling in similar ways will know that they aren’t alone in those thoughts and feelings. I do so that others will not be afraid or ashamed.

Sometimes I pause for a moment after I write a blog, wondering if I should share a certain thing or topic. But then I post it. Sometimes it takes courage because I’m not entirely comfortable about something I’ve written. I haven’t resolved it yet. Sometimes I’m criticized or judged for my thoughts and feelings. I’ve learned to put those into perspective… realizing that a person’s opinion comes soley from that person and their own thoughts and feelings. Maybe something I’ve written has tripped upon something within them that they haven’t yet worked out or resolved. Other people’s opinions are about them… not me.

Then I get the comments from a reader thanking me for having the courage to ‘go there’. Because they’ve been struggling with something similar. They may not do what I did, but they at least have options.

Revealed. When I speak my truth, sometimes I can see things I hadn’t realized until I wrote it out. Sometimes it helps me to change direction, sometimes it helps me perservere. But at the end of the day, when I look through that magnifying glass to get a closer look.. it’s still me. Still figuring things out. Still finding my way.


8 thoughts on “Revealed

  1. Anyone who reads more than one post should realize that your blog is just you being you, Jeannie.

    Anyone who is negative where your blog is concerned should move on,
    1 Smiles is not for them.

    Those of us who enjoy your journey could never criticize or find fault. We love you ā€¦ wish you joy and happiness now and always.

    blessings ~ maxi

  2. I love what you wrote today, Jeannie. I think we all struggle with whether to post certain posts or not but you just have to do what feels right. You have opened up a lot of conversations for folks, I am sure, and allowed your experience and wisdom to be an example. You can never go wrong with that—-thanks for sharing!

  3. Kudos! You saw through my weak attempt at humor to see divine truth. Remember the old definition of intimacy? Into-me-see. The God of the Bible is One who desires intimacy with His creation, so He invades history, revealing Himself through sunsets, earthquakes, and flowers, and then in the Scriptures to reveal things about Himself nature cannot demonstrate. Thank you for revealing the innermost feelings and details of your life. it’s a blessing to us and to you!

  4. I have always loved your writing Jeannie, it is woven with compassion, insight and honesty. Your write from the heart and you cannot go wrong with that. Also, my lovely friend, I, like you, write like breathing and in the writing find my own truth and answers. You are a gift and for that ā¤ flows xXx

    • Jane,
      I just never know where a blog will lead me. I being with an idea, but usually by the end of a post, I’ve ended up some place I never expected. It’s like an adventure!
      Love you tons!!

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