Counting Sheep


Okay, so this working nights thing is a little tougher than I thought. The last time I worked nights I had three little ones at home. Now that’s not the case. I’ve tried to find a good sleep/wake routine that was similar to the one I had when I worked days, just reversed. I have my coffee pot programmed to perk a fresh pot at 10:30 pm so that when I wake, I have my coffee ready and waiting. I jump in the shower and go through my grooming routine just as I did in the day time. I even do my hair and make up. I pack my lunch and have a bowl of cereal. And I trot off to work. In the dark. Everyone is asleep except for me, the owls and maybe a few bats. I yawn regularly all night long. It’s the only thing that keeps me awake.

When I arrive home in the morning, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Traffic is abundant and the kids are heading off to baseball practice and swimming lessons. And I’m heading home to find my jammies and pink fuzzy slippers. I’ll often turn on a dvd and have a light snack. Then I pull back the covers on my bed and slide in between the sheets. Then it begins. The sheep I mean. Those little devils begin their antics. Hopping and leaping, doing flips and dives over that proverbial fence. The judges are sitting there with their score cards holding up their rankings for each jump. Those sheep are really quite talented. And limber.

I’ll close my eyes and pull the covers up over my shoulder. And I’ll lay there. For a long time. On a good day I’ll sleep 3 to 4 hours. Tops. I finally get tired of trying to sleep and I’ll get up and do some laundry or run errands. Later in the day I lay down again, for a nap. I try to give myself four hours before work, just in case I do fall asleep. So I get in a full REM cycle.
Most days I lay there praying for sleep. Knowing that I’ll struggle all night long to stay awake. I have to get up about 10:30 pm. Sadly, it’s about 9:00 when I finally do fall asleep. Wonderful, glorious sleep. In the dark.


7 thoughts on “Counting Sheep

  1. Years ago I worked nights and it was horrific. Hated it ’cause I’m a morning person.

    Maybe that’s your problem, Jeannie. It could also be that you haven’t had enough time to adjust.

    Hang in there!
    blessings ~ maxi

    • Hi Maxi,
      Yes, it takes some time to adjust. The work load is much lighter at night and I have the freedom to write during the down time. So I really would like this to work.
      Love and Blessings,

  2. Counting sheep! I’ve never understood that concept. I’d get caught up in the color or condition of the sheep. Then they’d start to play and romp around. What help is that to falling asleep? I suppose it might work for city folks, but those with country down deep in their souls only become more excited by the flock. I feel for you, really.

    • Richard,
      Well, aren’t you the stinker! I can feel all of that empathy. Hahahaha. Actually I was a city girl, but then I married a cattle farmer. There have been a few sheep, pigs and goats along the way.
      I will add ‘sheep herder’ to the list of things you do! (Thanks for the giggle.)

  3. I’m with Maxi on this. Hope you do adjust as it sounds like the perfect job for a blogger! Btw, counting sheep has never worked for me, but just counting does! Give it a try, lol!

    • Hi Denise,
      I am getting adjusted to the ever changing sleep patterns. I tend to nap in increments. And so far, it’s working. On my days off, I sleep in the dark and it’s so glorious!

  4. Hello lovely Jeannie, I read this post with much empathy and then I had this vision of those really lovely satin eye shades spring to mind…very glam! They would also look good with your pink fluffy slippers… ❤ xXx

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