God Hates Abuse

Sharing a post today from the blog, “Where Living Begins”
Thank you Richard.

Where Living Begins

monkey no see, hear, speakHonor your father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise (Ephesians 6:2).

Usually this devotional blog is on the lighter side; today is different.

I grew up in a home of abuse. There were good times, as there are in every home, but there were also very bad times. My father abused my mother and the four of us children in unspeakable ways.

When my mother gained the courage to speak up, her pastor told her she had no alternative but to stay in the abusive relationship. Divorce is the modern unpardonable sin.

Shamefully, Christian leaders have for too long failed to address the issue of domestic abuse, whether of children against their elderly parents, spousal, or parent against child. They have only one answer for abuse: stay even if it kills you or scars your children for life. This is not God’s design for the home, it…

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