Those Little Sayings…


I read one of those little sayings, you know the ones your friends post on facebook. I read one yesterday that’s been makin’ me think ( I know, I know.. )

“Sometimes I feel like I’m too nice!
I wanna f*ck over people the way they do me.
But my character and heart just isn’t built like that.”

You can’t get to be 56 years old and not live through situations and people who have been absolutely horrendous to you. Situations and people who you didn’t deserve. But you had the heart and courage to give them the benefit of the doubt. You had a big enough heart to show them love and caring even when they didn’t deserve it. And then they smacked you in the face for doing it. Yup.. we’ve all been there.

I learned to always take the high road.
I learned to always be kind, no matter what.
I learned empathy and compassion for those people who are more broken than I am.
I learned to love in spite of what everyone else said.

Did I deserve to be treated with disrespect?
Did I deserve to be lied to?
Did I deserve the mistreatment?
Because I was kind?
Because I cared?
Because I loved?

I don’t think so.

I was kind, and I cared and I loved, because that’s who I am.
And whether you knew it or not, your life was blessed because I was in it.

It’s not my job to teach you a better way to treat people.
It’s not my job to judge you.
It’s not my job to get even.

It’s my job to be a good person. To be kind and caring and loving.
Cause what would our world be, if no one did?

I’m glad I’m that kind of person.

“One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it’s surrendered.” ~Michael J. Fox


8 thoughts on “Those Little Sayings…

  1. Oh yes Jeannie, we have all been there. I pray the steps in your new journey are happy ones. At least, may each new step bring you hope.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. “Bless You” that was exactly what I needed to read this morning!!! Family can be stressful, 3 people and 3 different versions of the same situation, and I really don’t believe much of anything that comes from their mouths. Like Dr. Phil says “I know you are lying when your lips move”.
    Life can be challenging, and I still tend to think I am the one who has all the issues, but then like with your writing, I remember that we all are broken in some way. What makes the difference is if we decide to pick up our pieces and try to put them back together again or not, choices!!!
    So glad you are back writing, love your wisdom and insights!!!

    • Hi Maralyn!
      I write because wonderful pwople like you, are willing to read. And I’m grateful when something I have experienced can provide an insight for someone else. We’re all in this thing called “life” together. For some of us, we immediately think that we carry all of the burden of fault. There are other that never think they carry any burden of fault. Lop-sided. The burden belongs to all of us probably more equallyth an we’d like to think.. Except fo course in abuse related instances. The burden there always lies with the abuser.
      Always glad to hear from you!

  3. I love you Jeannie, for you, exactly as you are. You are filled with hope, love, courage and not creating room for bitterness nor anger. You are not defined by the actions of those who walk a different path. ❤ xXx

    • Thank you Jane for seeing my light shining from all the way over there! Everytime I want to react in anger I remember that I have to honor myself and that I have dignity that no one can ever take from me.
      I love you very much Miss Jane. XXXXXXXX

      • I love you too Jeannie….I was poorly, tired and it’s no excuse, but I reacted with anger the other day…I had just had enough, No excuse, but I lost my dignity….I have it back now. There are certain times when muppetry is reacted too….I have always seen your light my lovely friend….always ‘cos you are filled with it. ❤ xXx

  4. Sending love and hugs to you Jane. We do get worn down and its funny… we’re onlyhuman, just like everyone else. You are a bright shining star and I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.
    (((Jane))) xxxxx

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