Intimidating? Me?


Defined: Intimidate means to make timid or fearful; to overawe as through the force of personality through superior display of skill or talent.

Okay, so at work last night, this guy, a colleague with much more education than I have says to me… “You’re intimidating.” And I responded with a surprised questioning in my voice, “me? Why would you say that?” I asked. He said, “You’re a woman who knows what she wants, you’re well-educated and you don’t settle for less than what you’re going after. You’re a strong woman and that’s intimidating.”

Frankly, I was stunned because we had been trying to get a can opener to work. A can opener. The one on hand was a cheap one that didn’t work. And try as either of us might.. that can opener wouldn’t open a stick of gum. He was leaving to go to another work site and I mentioned that I thought they had an extra.

That’s when he sad I was intimidating.

I’m thinking maybe he was surprised at my problem-solving skills. To think of options to remedy the situation as soon as possible. At 11:30 at night in a small town, there aren’t a ton of options. This just seemed like the best one available at the moment. I don’t think it had a thing to do with skill or talent.. I certainly didn’t threaten him or raise my voice. Maybe he just thought waiting til someone else remedied the problem was the option he could come up with.
I don’t know.. but… we have a working can opener now. (Insert smile here)


6 thoughts on “Intimidating? Me?

  1. Can opener? Intimidating? The remark doesn’t fit the situation. Sounds like there is something else going on … more to what was said.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. Funny!!! is it just a “male” thing? can’t reason simple things out? must have been, or maybe still is a “mommy’s” boy, needs someone to take care of him/things, even as little as a can opener!!! love it+++

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