Small Appliances – The Rest Of The Story

The world is a rat race a lot of the time. All of us busy in our lives. Random thoughts focused and unfocused at the same time. Then some mundane things comes up, but our mind is still in its box. And we can’t seem to see outside of it. To imagine outside of what we know.
That’s what was happening here. The can opener didn’t work. Have to put in a requisition with the higher-ups to get one. Then in a week we can get a purchase order and go shopping for a new can opener. In the mean time we can tell clients that they can’t eat those vegetables or that they can’t have that soup because we can’t open the can. (Really?)

In all fairness my mind has its own box too. I have things I focus on, like my kids and grandkids and the everyday issues surrounding them. So today when a lady from work called and wanted me to work a day for her. All I saw was my planner and the obligations I’ve taken on for my granddaughters. And what she was focused on was that day off hanging in the balance awaiting my answer.
Tonight when I got to work, she and I looked at my planner and the work schedule and found out, that I’m not an option to cover her hours anyway. Complicated. I do hope she gets her day off.

So in that small appliance department in the sky… we need to realize that we all have a dialogue playing throughout minds. So when something mundane or random happens, take a minute, take a breath before you react. Allow yourself to re-group before you respond to it.

Not until you feel that assured sense of peace. That is when you respond. With confidence and certainty. It may be something that seems simple, unimportant like a can-opener. Until we look again at that very same situation from a different perspective outside of our own box.

I know I have food in my fridge. I know my cupboards are well stocked. I’m feeling secure in that. I’m not relying on a small appliance like a can opener to determine whether or not I will eat today. But my client was. My client was not well stocked. He did not have options. The can opener was critical from his perspective.

Team work took over. A coworker supplied a can opener and I got busy creating a well-balanced meal from the canned good supply in the cupboard. Crisis averted. We all win. High five!


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