Making New Friends

What a whirlwind week it’s been. Filled with all sorts of unexpected and amazing occurences. In the process I have been blessed to spend time with old friends that I’ve missed very much since my recent relocation. And the gift of new friends entering into my life.

It reminds ne of a song we sang when I was at Girl Scout Camp. The song is called “Make New Friends”
The lyrics are simple…
Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver and the other gold.

My old friendships are gold. Strong, burnished, solid. Cherished.
The new friends I’m making are the silver. Shiny and new with connection and possibility.
Both are a blessing.

A group of my old coworkers and I got together for dinner a few weeks ago. It was wonderful to see everyone and spend some time catching up over a wonderful meal. And odd as it may seem, none of us work for that agency anymore. Our conversation circled around all of the changes we’ve each experienced since the last outreach meeting we had a couple of years ago. One had surgery that changed her life in a positive way. Another retired “really, I mean it this time”. (We all know better, hahahaha!), The next one had sent her second child off to college, another had her second baby. We had so much fun, that we’ve decided to meet every month. I can hardly wait!

New friends are popping up all over the place. I’ve made several at my new job, Madeline and John attended a three-day training with me, and we have all ended up working at the same site. They are both so fresh and up-beat that it’s a joy to go to work, just to see them. There have been two Dan’s and a Lori and a Lisa and a few others. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and helpful. I can call any of them at any time with questions I might have. I think because of the work we do, everyone is so kind and generous, both with the clients and among each other. It’s been a great work environment.

This town is familiar to me since I lived here for 18 years while I was married. So I run into many familiar faces throughout the course of the day as I get groceries or run errands. But it’s very different being here now. I moved here when I got married, but now I’m here making my own life separate from my ex. I can pop in to visit my kids on a whim, as they do with me. It’s pretty cool to be this accessible.

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Making New Friends

    • Yes Maxi, it certainly has. I watch my adult kids and their babies.. I see the love they share in its many forms. My newest granddaughter is just learning to smile and coo. It’s amazing to watch her. I’m in a very good place.

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