Making The Call


My eyes cracked open just a peek in the dark at 4:45 AM on Saturday morning. That was followed by a wonderfully bright idea. I know you’re wondering why anyone woule have bright ideas at that time of the morning. I blame it on working the night shift. My internal clock is so far out of kilter I’m never sure if it’s AM or PM. But when anything bright happens, I’m all for it.

This morning’s bright idea was “Let’s go to Janesville.” So lo and behold, it became a Wisconsin road trip kind of day. I was partly inspired because it was currently 32 degrees in Iowa and I have only my spring jacket to keep me warm. Naturally, it made sense to drive 300 miles to get my winter clothes still left behind awaiting my final move.

I made coffee and hopped in the shower. Yes, Hopped… I was excited to be going to see my friends. Within the hour I was in the car heading east.. facing the sun, all-the-way.

It wasn’t until two hours alter that I considered calling my friends to let them know I was on my way. I know, my call could have been met with busy signals or no answer at all. Fortunately I have a key, and my calls were met with excitement on the Wisconsin end.

First I met my Wisconsin BFF, Betty Jo at Rock Haven Care and Rehabilitation Center. Yes, one of our dear friends is recuperating after an unexpected surgery. Our friend Rollie, was laying in bed with ear buds planted in his ears. He is a music lover. I think his world has always been set to music. It plays as he walks through his day. Once he and I spent three hours on my laptop looking up jazz muscians from the 40’s through the 70’s. Rollie was like a kid in a candy store. (Well I had some fun size candy bars, and that didnt’hurt either.) But this afternoon as Rollie lay there dancing in his mind, Betty Jo and I stood next to his bed. Then as he sensed our presence and opened his eyes, his face went blamk. He couldn’t have imagined that we’d be standing there with smiling faces. We had a wonderful visit… and Rollie will be heading back home later this week. Yeah!

I ventured over to my former room mates home. After hugs and a couple giggles, I brought in my bag and we made plans. Chinese Food and a Movie with friends. She began calling everyone and I searched thgough remaining boxes and storeage tubs for my warm winter clothes. She and I were both successful. I had my car loaded before she finished her last call. Then we were off on our separate ways. LaVone to church, and I to the mall. (I have a church.. I don’t have a mall.)

By 6:00 everyone was gathered around the table eating King Wok take-out and chattering away. And by 7:00 we were all seated and the movie was ready to roll. We watched the dvd “Words & Pictures” It was actually a very good movie.

Now this morning, if I ever get in the shower, we are all meeting for breakfast at the Citrus Cafe. It’s our favorite gathering place. And they have the best home-made orange juice. After this last hurrah, I’ll be heading back to Iowa with warm clothes and a heart filled with love and friendship. I love you guys!


2 thoughts on “Making The Call

  1. All smiles and joy for you, Jeannie. How wonderful you found a way to spend happy time with friends, gather your winter belongings, and take a well-needed break.

    My heart and prayers are with you on a new beginning.
    blessings ~ maxi

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