“Step Forward And Assume It WIll Be Brilliant”


So last spring everything in my world was changing. Rapidly. I didn’t have time for the regular things of life, like the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I had a chance to watch it online this evening. Although it would have had a purpose and message for me at the time, it’s especially poignant now.

I have always found significance in words. Their meanings. Their timing. The messages they hold if only we take the time to pay attention. I had a friend who had visited my apartment in Wisconsin and he said “Your apartment is filled with words.” I had pictures, and magnets and bookmarks, and mugs and cards, and more pictures all with words on them. Words Like “Believe, there are no limits but the sky.” “Smile” Live Your Life With Abandon” “Everything Happens For A Reason”… you get the idea. These words were reminders each time I saw them. They were encouragement. Words had become my friends. So I replied to my friend, “Of course there are words everywhere, I’m a writer.”

If you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy, lead character Meredith Grey begins and ends each episode with a monologue. Words. Spoken to paint a picture in our minds. Spoken to help us think. And resolve. Inspiring and encouraging as always. And tonight as I watched, I didn’t expect anything less, it was the season finale.

I’m on the cusp of great change. Great Change. The long wait for the apartment I had wanted is over. I sign the final papers tomorrow morning. A position opening I had been waiting for appeared a couple of weeks ago. A position that I have never held before. A challenge, and I’m ready for it.

In the Grey’s Anatomy finale, there were many goodbyes occurring. Endings and new beginnings. Cycles completing and beginning again. I’ve been able to see those same cycles occurring in my life over these past few months. Stepping down from leading the singles group, sending out feelers for jobs in Iowa without any real intention at the time, of taking one. Scheduling good-bye lunches and get-togethers, giving notice at my job. Packing my car. And at an unexpected moment, I drove away. No time for sad lingering good-byes. I might not have been able to go.

Now, I’m not going far, just to the other end of town. But it’s a new beginning all the same. The last words of the Grey’s finale…

“Step Forward and assume it will be brilliant.”

Here I go…..


5 thoughts on ““Step Forward And Assume It WIll Be Brilliant”

  1. Jeannie This is lovely I wish you all the best for this new chapter in your life, As everything else you do, i’m sure this will work out wonderfully for you
    Time to look after yourself and take what you can for yourself out of every thing you do
    Take care my lovely friend You are in my thoughts
    Hugssss and lots of love xx

    • Thys,
      Thank you for the vote of confidence. Everything DOES turn out. Not always as I had expected or had planned, But it turns out. Then I can make adjustments or even take a new path.
      Your comment that I should take what I can for myself out of the things I do.. that’s something I’ve never really learned to do. I give. It’s what I do. But I promise I’ll keep your words in my heart and give it a try. Thak you for always looking out for me.
      Love and hugs to you too,

  2. It has finally happened for you, Jeannie. It’s never too late to make a new beginning and this is yours. I am so excited for you. My heart and prayers are with you.

    Step forward and KNOW it will be brilliant.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • Awww Maxi,
      It has been quite a wait for this apartment I’ve never had such a process as this. And you’re right, it’s finally happened. I’m glad that you’ve been such an encouraging part of it.

  3. You shine a special light my lovely friend and I just know after all your brave choices, that this next chapter will be brilliant. Much love ❤ xXxX

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