Worms On The Sidewalk

I was watching the rain move ever so slightly on the radar through the night. At times it barely moved, but increment by increment it was getting closer. Finally about 4:00 this morning, the rain began. Soft tiny sprinkles leaving their autographs on the driveway. The wind picked up briefly as the rain crept up the street. Wet burnished leaves fell onto my car from the maple trees lining the driveway. Sticking in a hap-hazard pattern against the gold panels of my car and creating nature’s own leaf sun visor on the windshield.

The rain was steady and gentle even at the height of the system moving through. Enough to soften the ground and coax them up through the hard coffee-colored soil. Until they reached the surface, poking through the crust and winding their way into the cool wet grass. Yup, worms. We called them Angle Worms as a kid in my neighborhood. I’ve never really liked them. Those pink slither-y things travel in packs. So when you try to walk on the sidewalk, you can’t help but step on em. And they stick to the bottoms of your shoes creating a real slip hazard. God-forbid you would fall onto them. Ugh… shudder.

Worms and I have a long history. At age five, Julie Feesl from across the street managed to convince my sister and I that worms are the best. So when our moms would give us permission to ‘run in the rain’ we’d collect all the worms awe could find long the edge of the road. Then years later in middle school biology class, we got to dissect them. Locating the various organs and yuck,.. that formaldehyde smell. These worms were so big and fat.
As I reached adulthood worms took on another role for me. They were the one thing that would keep me from being outside after a summer rain. I’d plan my day’s activities around them if it had rained. If it was a dire urgency, I’d go out, and hop or jump over or step carefully around each worm laying there on the damp sidewalk.

Sad to say, that today was no different. I hadn’t thought about worms on the sidewalk in quite a long time. Then I took a client out to his taxi this morning. We ran between the raindrops and then I was stopped still in my tracks. There was a long, fat,squiggly worm laying there trying to scoot himself some place. I got the heebie-jeebies before I made it back inside.

Rainy days are great for staying inside with a good book, or to bake a warm savory treat, or to take a lovely nap as rain patters on the roof above. All very good things to do when there are worms on the sidewalk.


2 thoughts on “Worms On The Sidewalk

  1. Hi Jeannie
    Sounds like just the right weather for staying indoors with a good book (or someone who has read one, which i have, btw – lol)
    We are waiting for our first spring rains as we havent had any rain for months. I am looking forward to it and now ……after reading this ill look at the worms in a different light. Keep yourself warm and dry Jeannie.
    Take care

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