The Game of Life


I haven’t been feeling as passionate about life as I usually do. Maybe it’s the night work hours, maybe it’s all the over time, maybe it’s all of the changes over the past several months. I’m still in the game. Still taking my turn and reaching for that next card on the pile that will direct my next steps. I’m even taking those next steps. I finally drew the card that directed me to move into my apartment. It’s lovely and I’m quite pleased with how its coming together. I applied and interviewed for a promotion at work. It went very well and I was waiting for my next turn to find out if I drew the card pointing to the promotion. Then, of course, I drew the card that said to ‘skip a turn’. A new player jumped into the game and changed the whole course of the events. It’s not that I am out of the running for the promotion. It’s just not time for that card to be drawn yet. Go figure.

I drew another card from the Game of Life and went for my yearly physical. I got a glowing report from the doctor who kept making correlations between his wife and I. Apparently he’s intrigued because we graduated from high school the same year. Anyway, after all of his pokes and prods and twisting and turning me, and looking in ears and my mouth, he deemed me a healthy 56-year-old woman. No high cholesterol, no high blood sugar, and no lumps or pains that shouldn’t be there.
Then it was my turn again to draw another card from the deck.
Blasted! I drew the ‘abnormal’ test result card. And its attached to a ‘referral to the specialist’ card. I see the specialist on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, I got cable and internet hooked up today. So I’m ‘connected’ again to the world. That’s always a plus… well sort of. I had access to look up some stuff about the
abnormal test result. Which leads me to ask, is ignorance the better option in cases like this?

In the Game of Life, you never know which card you’re gonna draw. You never know which direction you’re gonna go. You don’t know the next part of the story until it’s your turn. No matter how everything turns out, promotion or not; specialist or not… I have to wait my turn.


10 thoughts on “The Game of Life

  1. Hi Jeannie
    You are in my thoughts xxx
    Hey I have always known you too be abnormal anyways ,,,,,,,,,
    abnormally strong to face any challenge
    abnormally positive in everything you do
    abnormally sweet and a pleasure to know
    This will be just one more abnormality to add to your list and take advantage of in your daily life
    Hope it all turns out good for you my lovely friend xx
    Take care
    Thys xxx and HUGZZZZZ

    • Thys,
      Leave it to you my dear friend,. to find so much light for me, and to shine it just where I needed to see. You are amazing! We need to catch up one of these days.
      Much love and many hugs,

  2. Love, you are wrapped in love and whatever unfolds for you my lovely, I know you will hurdle, leap, duck and weave round it with your humour, love and courage, You shine a very special light. I love you. ,3 Xxx

    • Jane,
      You are my ever encouraging and inspiring friend. I love you so very much. I feel your love surrounding me always. The Game of Life holds so many surprises for us. This is another side trip on the journey. Many hugs,
      Jeannie xxxxxx

  3. No, we never know what direction our life will take us, but God does have those answers!!! Keep your faith in Him and remember there is always a reason for everything that happens!!! I think some times its for others in our life to learn something and then other times I think it is for me to learn something along the way~~~ Two years ago my world was turned around and upside down, but through it all so far, I know I am a far better person than I was before this all happened+++ God does work in mysterious ways, embrace them!!! My prayers to you (((Barb)))

    • Maralyn,
      Thank you fort he hug and prayers. They are always welcome. Hey.. I’ve moved into my place and I’m not far from you. I have the same cell number.. we need to have a girls day out. šŸ™‚

  4. All will be well, whatever the spinner number or the card you draw. Just don’t toss the board into the box, close the lid, and throw it all into the trash. My prayers are with you … so is our God.

    • Hi Richard,
      I’m not one to throw the game in the trash. I’m an active participant. And this is just another turn to take. Where ever it leads me, is where I’m suppose to be.
      Thank you for your prayers. God with us always!

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