Looking For Maralyn


I know you’re out there some where. I just can’t find you! I checked in the local phone book. I called the one I thought was you. It wasn’t. I called the one that I didn’t think was you. It wasn’t.

I looked in my computer contact list where you used to be listed. And after a few updates over the years, the list has been jumbled. And you weren’t there. I even checked on my old cell phone contact list. No luck.

You said I should email. It took a couple of days of searching my blog site to find the email followers list and get your email address. So I wrote to you. But I’m wondering if my email actually went to your spam folder.

We live in a world of easy access communication. Internet that allows us to skype and messenger and email. Phones that allow us to call and text. For goodness sakes, you live in the same little town as I do. I should be able to stick my head out the window, yell your name and you’d be able to hear me. (Yes, I tried it!)

So Maralyn, where oh where are you?

Where ever you are, I’m looking for you.


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