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A Visitor

October 2014 002

Today I had a special visitor. My granddaughter came to my apartment. She brightens the world with her radiant smile and bubbly spirit. Today, she even brightened my windows.

I love it when Kali stops by. I live near enough that sometimes she rides her bike over after school. Of course one day she came here and neither of her parents knew where she was. (We have to work out the kinks.) She just had to show me her Halloween costume, Cleopatra. She will be gorgeous. She always is. (Of course no grandma bias here.)

After washing the windows, she decorated with Halloween window clings… we now have pumpkins everywhere. Of course fun-size candy bars were the reward for all of her hard work. Next it wason to ‘doing our nails’. There were sparkles involved. Lots of sparkles.

Then she reminded me about her curiosity for the Apple-Peeler-Corer that she found when we were unpacking. We’re off to make lovely apple slices with carmel dip. Yummy.
Hope you’re having as wonderful a Saturday Afternoon as I am!


8 thoughts on “A Visitor

  1. What a beautiful soul she is and I can see you in her Jeannie. What a special Grandma you are…have fun girls. ❀ xXxx

    1. When she was 1 1/2 her mother took a picture of her wearing a dress similar to one I wore in a picture back as a child the same age. My daughter framed them side by side.. and it looked like the same child. She is a ray of sunshine,
      Much love to you!
      Jeannie XXXXXXX

    1. Oh Maxi you are so right! Kali is my oldest grandchild. I have a grandson who is almost two and lives in Germany 😦 And one more grandaughter who is 4 months old. Both my granddaughters live with 4 miles of me! πŸ™‚

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