With Thanksgiving


I am amazed as I gaze over this past year. There have been so many blessings. I had little to do with attaining most of them. I guess that’s what classifies them as blessings.

I have been gifted with friendships that I had never experienced before. These friends have etched memories into my heart. Even though I moved mid-year, their connections remain solid. They have no idea the many ways they have each added to my life. Some gave me courage, others gave me comfort and even hope when times felt bleak. We laughed and made memories, silliness and wonderful connections. And we rallied for each other when any were in need.
Of course there was a sense of loss when I first moved away. But it didn’t last because I soon found that I hadn’t lost a single one of them at all. The friendships remain. And for any of you who wondered about my search for Maralyn… I found her and we’ve met for lunch a couple of times. She lives just blocks from me!

My job began within moments of my landing here. And both the job and I have flourished because of it. It was just the challenge and security that I needed. Now recently there has been a promotion and I’m in the midst of learning another new position. I’m encouraged by the fantastic coworkers I have.

Then of course there are the family connections here. I have two granddaughters that light up my life with joy’s I had never imagined. There have been some health things with my son.. but I think we have that under control. I had a health glitch myself for a month or so this fall and that’s all resolved too.
My 3 Sons was the name of a television program when I was a kid. But that’s what I have.. 3 of em. And they’re all awesome! They’ve put in their requests for Thanksgiving dinner and desserts as the case may be. And I’m blessed to be cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my lovely daughter. We’ve always been a good team her and I. Together, we can do anything!

Sending all of you my Love and Thanksgiving Blessings!


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