Just Thinkin A Bit


Okay… the first picture is how I’d like to think I look when I’m thinking. However…. the second picture is closer to the truth. Just tryin to be honest. (I have these darn ethics, really challenges me sometimes.)

I guess its because its the end of another year that has led me to take pause and look things over.
It’s been a busy year, as it seems they all are. I’m in a different city, apartment, and job than I was a year ago. I was definitely on a different path last December 31st than I am now.

I was living a very active social life, even dating. The singles group was flourishing and very active. I love and miss those guys so much! At this time last year I was considering moving in with a lady from my singles group. I had the Golden Girls in my mind. And I did move in with LaVone last February. We had our late night sherbet at the kitchen table wearing our bath robes. We cooked and entertained. We helped each other through illness and a variety of dilemmas, as girlfriends do.

Then a shift took place, sort of like an earthquake. And within three days I was heading for a whole new life. Once I landed though, I had an apartment almost exactly like the one I’d left behind. (I traded in the balcony for a garage.) My kids and granddaughters are a stone’s throw away and I found a job within like three seconds.
I’ve found friends that I’d lost touch with and the social life is picking up. (I even have a date on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.) I still keep in touch with my friends from Wisconsin. (Thanks you guys for the cards and phone calls and Facebook.)

So it seems that once the earthquake got finished shaking things up, it’s all good. I have all of the good things that I had begun 2014 with. Plus, extra time with my kids and granddaughters.

I’m ready for 2015. I’m excited to see what this new year brings. Happy New Year Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Just Thinkin A Bit

  1. Oh gosh, Jeannie. Joy and thrills for you. After all is said and done you landed on your feet and have done fabulous. You are such a winner. Love and Hugs to you.

    I pray that 2015 brings you more success and happiness. Keep the broom handy.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. LOL Maxi. I do have the broom handy. I sweep away anything that doesn’t add something positive. If it pulls me down, out it goes. So glad to see you posting. Means you’re on the mend. Excellent!
    Love and blessings,

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