The Queen of Denial


I’m the Queen of Denial, just in case you were wondering. I deny that the seasons are changing, because I’m never ready for the next one. So when winter comes, I deny it wholeheartedly, thinking that I can push it back til I’m ready if I just refuse to put a warm coat on. Of course it never works that way, but I’m persistent just the same.

The last couple of months I’ve been having discomfort in my shoulder. I was certain it was because I had lifted or carried too much when I moved. And it just needed a little time to heal. Then as the discomfort began to really ache when I finally went to bed each night, I reasoned it was probably just muscle aches from a virus I was trying to avoid.
I still remained steadfast in my determination that I could just shake this off when I broke down and took an Aleve before bed, but the pain began waking me up if I moved or turned in the slightest.

Denial lost. Winter came without my permission anyway. And.. The pain woke me up one too many nights. I was tired. And hurting. And cold. So I gave in and bought an electric blanket to add to my flannel sheets. And then I called the doctor.

After an exam and blood test and x-rays. It seems I have bursitis. Inflammation of the bursa in my shoulder. The doctor increased my Aleve to a prescription dose. Tomorrow I have to make an appointment for physical therapy because it seems I have bone spurs growing. The doctor explained that bone spurs grow from my body’s attempt in healing itself. My body thinks it can heal itself by growing more bone. It seems my body is in denial too. Apparently, I come by it naturally!

This prescription dose of Aleve makes me want to sleep. About an hour after I take it, it becomes nap time. I can’t say I’m giving up my crown of denial just yet. I think I’ll sleep on it!


3 thoughts on “The Queen of Denial

  1. Bursitis! Oh Jeannie, I am so sorry you have to suffer this pain. Hopefully this won’t be a long haul and you will be okay soon.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. very honest input:) please do take medicines and doctor’s advice. dont bear pain unnecessarily. enjoy life and its beauty. why ignore the blessings of nature. love you for your determination:)

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