Get The Shovels It’s Round 2


We had a winter storm the other night. White Out and Blizzard Warnings. We didn’t get much snow.. maybe two inches. But it blew around. A lot. Snow was packed into my window screens. The worst part has been the dastardly cold temperatures. -12 this morning with even colder predicted for tonight.
Round 2 begins at 2:00 this afternoon through 3:00 Tuesday morning. 6-8 inches of the white stuff. With 30 mph winds. Oh and gusts of wind even higher to 45 mph. Should be fun. I ran my errands this morning when it was still warm at -10. I have a pot of home-made soup simmering on the stove. (It just seemed like the right thing to do. Make soup that is.)

Of course today is my son Nick’s birthday. He was born on the coldest night of the year in 1988. Labor started about mid-afternoon and by supper-time I was calling my in-laws to come and stay with the other two kids while my husband and I headed to the hospital. If I remember correctly, it was -20 as I was hunkered up against my husband in the parking lot waiting for that contraction to stop so I could walk into the hospital. After an initial inspection by the doctor, they let me walk up and down the hallways for a couple of hours. They couldn’t decide if he was coming or not. At 10PM they put me in bed and gave me morphine so I’d sleep through the night, My husband was putting on his coat when my water broke. I told him to let the nurse know. So he told her I wet the bed. What a guy! She clarified that indeed my water had broken and he should take off his coat, cause the baby was coming. Nicholas James was born two hours later.

Nick is my artistic, comedic, mechanic. And a pretty fine pizza maker besides. This past June he was himself in a labor room with his wife as their daughter made her grand entrance. The circles of life continue no matter the weather or anything else.

Tonight I’ll be up wandering about during this impending snow storm. It’s my first shift back on nights. It will be easy to reminisce about Nick’s birthday because I’ll be making my way to work in the cold and snow. Fortunately I don’t have far to go.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


6 thoughts on “Get The Shovels It’s Round 2

  1. Oh Jeannie, I so love your blog. Good luck with your first night shift and cuddles with your baby grandaughter. Happy Birthday Nick.x And stay safe my lovely….holding your hand in these conditions! Xxx love you Xxxx

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