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Sunday Afternoon in the Tundra

Forest City YMCA 001

The YMCA is THE place to be on a Sunday afternoon. As I arrived at 1:20pm the parking lot was lined up like sardines in a can. You’d think there was something special taking place. Well, there was!
Just two steps inside the front doors I was greeted by YMCA Staff Larry. Larry greets everyone by first name. It makes you feel like you’re walking into the ‘Cheers’ bar ‘where everybody knows your name’. Larry helped me with my membership key tab. Then when I turned around there were five people I knew, all happy to see me. We chatted briefly as they all checked in with Larry. We walked past the entry straight to the coat racks and got situated. I popped out my MP3 player and headed to the walking track. Up three flights of stairs that didn’t even leave me out of breath (not as out of shape as I thought), I hung up my hoodie and stepped out onto the track. Right in sync with the other walkers and runners, as if I hadn’t been away for nearly three years. I felt right at home. I hadn’t missed a beat. I got a few ‘hi’s’ from familiar faces in town as I walked. The church secretary; a lady I had done daycare for years ago; and my granddaughter was waving frantically at me from the gym floor below. I was bopping right along when I was lightly tapped on my right shoulder. My daughter. Again a short chat ensued. Another few laps and another tap on the shoulder. This time, two coworkers. A lot of chatting later, I made a few more laps with my music happily playing and keeping my pace up.
I had an awesome time at the “Y”. Didn’t get as much exercise as I needed. But I did socialize like crazy. I left smiling, that’s all that matters!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon in the Tundra

  1. I love that feeling where you can pick right back up where you were! Sounds like the perfect workout even if you didn’t get quite as much exercise as you intended to. Good on ya!

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