Time to Relax


I’m more of a dog person really, but this picture says it all. It’s been a long week. I’m ready to relax. No schedule. No specific plan. Just go with the flow of the moment. I relish these weekends. There are so many possibilities.

There’s window shopping at Larson’s Mercantile in Clear Lake with lunch to follow at Starboard Market. They have the most wonderful corn chowder.

Or a short jaunt to Algona to my favorite pet store, Pet Kingdom. I don’t even have a pet right now, but I just love that place. There is a friendly cockatiel that always talks to me.

And I haven’t been to Mankato or Minneapolis since I moved back to the area. And I hear that Eagan has a new Outlet Mall.

There a few new movies out that have sparked my interest too.

Then there’s my YMCA membership for a good walk on the track and a soak in the hot tub.

Or I could spend a day with my granddaughters baking cookies. Well, Sage is only seven months old, but she likes to chew on the measuring spoons.

Then there is the all time favorite, rent a couple DVD’s and make a bowl of buttery popcorn and snuggle in on the couch. Mmmmm. That sounds nice.

I could arrange to meet a group of friends for Sunday Morning Brunch at Seven Stars after church.

Maybe I should write all of my ideas on slips of paper and draw one out of a hat.
I wonder, how many of these ideas I can do in a three-day weekend? (So much for relaxing.)

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Time to Relax

  1. Hi Jeannie, what wonderful options you have before you. May whatever you choose nourish you. Love you and I hope you have a great few days. Huge hugs. ❤ Xxxx

    • Hi Jane,
      I know the right options will flow and I will be nourished. Hunter will spend some time with me today. We both enjoy the YMCA.
      Great big squeezes back to you, xxxxxx

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