The Difference


Okay, this showed up on my Facebook page. And it struck a chord. It was a good chord. In fact.. it’s something I think about quite often.

During the years I was doing counseling at the Crisis Center, I met people at their absolute worst. They’d been diminished by a traumatic event in their lives. They needed so much, yet didn’t have the energy to hold out their hand.

And I wanted to make a difference. For them. For their family. I wanted to help them see past the trauma and begin to recover. Pick up the pieces and begin again. Heal. Live without being defined by what had happened.

I was talking with my friend Tammy today. We were discussing all of the people that we know who are or have been going through difficult things. And it’s made me remember the times that my kids, then teenagers, would have a life difficulty to manage. My oldest son, has an impulsive streak. One afternoon he was helping on the farm and had to drive the pick up to a pasture for his dad. When he got home, he came inside the house. I got home just after him. My car was parked behind the truck.

A bit later, my son offered to drive into town to the grocery store for me. He got in the pick up and (you guessed it) he backed right into my car. To say he was freaking out is an understatement. He only had his license for about a week, and he swore he’d never drive again.

I knew that my reaction would impact him. So instead of freaking out too (like I was on the inside) I had to respond calmly and with compassion. It became a teaching moment. Then after we talked, I moved my car and had him go to the store.

The impact of my decision that afternoon is that he has always been able to come to me when the big tough things in life happen. And he knows I won’t freak out. (At least on the outside.)

We are so much more powerful that we realize. We impact so many people each and every day and we never give it a thought. So today, I challenge you…. ‘to decide what kind of a difference you want to make’ on the parts of the world that you impact.


5 thoughts on “The Difference

  1. Lovely story Jeannie. Thanks for all the positive differences you have made in people’s lives over the years Hope i can make a 1/10 of that to people around me. You touch peoples live far and wide
    Hugs xxxx

    • Thys,
      I’m sure you don’t realize how you affect the lives of the people in your part of the world. The people in your family, friends and coworkers are affected by you every day. When you give a smile or a kind word or a hug.. you lift someone’s spirit. And you bring smiles to us who are far away.
      Love and hugs,

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