277 Miles


Yup.. that’s right.  I’ve been very. very good lately.  Actually, I’ve earned some vacation time and I’m in great need of a “friend fix”. So it’s off for a few days in Wisconsin.

My old room-mate LaVone has re-invited me to stay.  We both need a few Golden Girls moments eating ice cream in our bath robes at midnight.  While we were room mates, that seemed to be the best time for her and I to chat over thee happenings of the day.

Of course I’ll have to stop in at the YWCA and pay a visit to all of my former coworkers.  They are an amazing group of people with insights and vision that make the world better place every single day.  And I just plain miss them.

LaVone has scheduled a few events for all of the members of the YANA Group.  YANA stands for ‘You Are Not Alone’.  It’s a singles group that I found when I first moved to Wisconsin.  I didn’t know anyone and desperately needed a social circle and new friends.  YANA provided that and so much more.  The members there became my new family.  And each week at our meetings we would play games that helped us get to know each other better.  We even had a “Getting Naked” dating class.  (Get your minds out of the gutter!)  “Getting Naked is the title of a book we used to learn more about ourselves as single, date-able people. (I have to admit that the ‘deer in the headlights’ looks I got that first time I said we were getting naked, was sooo hysterical!)  Of course we had such witty members that Pauline’s comment was, “I’m not getting naked, I forgot to iron my skin today.”

So on this visit the group will be meeting for dinner and then Comedy Club at The Armory, LaVone is hosting a Potluck Game Night at her home on Saturday and on Sunday evening the ever popular ice cream social at Culver’s.  I will have to eat at least one breakfast at The Citrus Cafe because I just love the ambiance and the food isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

Later this week, I’ll pack my suitcase, get in my car and head east for 277 miles.  That’s where my friends are. I can hardly wait!


5 thoughts on “277 Miles

  1. This sounds fantastic Jeannie!!! I wish I was going with you 😉 lol
    Hope you have a wonderful time and LOTS of fun. Will be thinking of you.
    Travel safely, Jeannie, and return well rested and lovely experiences richer. You deserve a nice break my friend xx
    As always ….. Love n hugzzz xxx ❤ ❤ xxx

    • Thys,
      Maybe you deserve a break too… I know my friends would love to meet you. It’s very cold here with lots of snow, and I know that’s your favorite! Look at the fun you’d have!
      Love & Hugs back to you,

      • Jeannie
        I would love nothing better. Would be wonderful if I could …. maybe one day, who knows?. I Never give up on my dreams 🙂 It would be the experience of a life time for me, as you know
        xx ❤ ❤ xx

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