The Wee Hours


It’s during the late, late hours of the night, when the quiet stillness falls softly over the world. That’s when my thoughts can wander and roam. It begins with those random events of the day. Some funny little thing that occurred brings another smile to my face. Sometimes I can imagine it so vividly that I laugh out loud to myself. That makes me laugh even more. And I imagine God watching over me, just shaking His head at my silliness in the dark.

I think of my children, adults now, but still snuggled into their beds. Covers pulled up tight over their shoulders. With their own babies sleeping soundly near-by. I remember the antics of my grandchildren, learning to crawl or shaking a noisy toy with delight. My oldest grandchild as she squeals “Grandma” every time she sees me and comes running toward me with a hug. I placate her with words of silly adventures we could have and she shakes her head in acknowledgement of that crazy grandma she has. But I don’t believe she’d want it any other way.

Finally, my thoughts turn toward you. A soft smile crosses my face as I imagine you sitting next to me. You’re telling me a story, that to me is brand new, but one that you’ve told a million times. I don’t hear the words, as I sit in silence just watching your face. Learning it as I smile to myself. You think I’m amused by the story, when really I’m amused by you and hoping the story with no words doesn’t end, so that I can look at you a little bit longer.

Then as the night falls deeper and deeper into the darkness, I let myself remember our first kiss. Soft and tender. Full of wonderment and want. My mind begins to fade into the warmth of your arms. Its in the wee hours of this night that I feel safe and happy. And God smiles as I fall asleep.


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