One Step At A Time


It must be because I feel like I’m 17. Fresh, smiling all the darn time, excited, full of anticipation and sunlight. And I’m having so much fun, and that can’t be a bad thing.

So far Eat-Pray-Love guy and I have clocked over 1800 minutes of phone time. Fortunately for both of us we have the same cell phone carrier. I’m sure Verizon is now rethinking their free mobile to mobile program. But we have the most amazing conversations. And it’s so hard to say good bye.. so we don’t.

He called this evening from work. He wanted to tell me about a conversation he’d had earlier today with his oldest daughter. He shared a complicated story. At first I wasn’t sure why he was telling me this story, until he said his daughter had talked about setting him up with a lady she knew. I swallowed hard and waited for the other shoe to drop. I even interrupted him and just simply asked for the other shoe, because there was no point in hearing ‘the rest of the story.’

Believe it or not, he was determined to finish the story. So I sucked up my emotions and responded as if somehow this all mattered. By the end of the story, he had told his daughter that he wasn’t interested in dating anyone else. That’s when he asked me if we could be exclusive.

This certainly wasn’t where I thought this conversation was headed. Smiling the whole while, I told him that I wasn’t interested in dating anyone else and that, ‘yes’ I think being exclusive is our next best step. (Of course since this was a phone call, he couldn’t see me jumping up and down and doing my happy dance.)

I don’t think he wanted to have this conversation over the phone, but over the past two days both he and I have been pursued by others. It reminded him of a conversation he’d had with his mother many years ago. She was referring to the woman he’d eventually marry, when she told him not to let this woman get away. Two days ago he visited an elderly aunt. He told her that he had been seeing me, and she reminded him of the words his mother had once said. She told him not to let me get away. (I haven’t met her yet, but I really like this woman!)

Eat-Pray-Love guy has taken each step forward with such respect and honor. I feel like the luckiest middle-aged 17-year-old girl in the world. Thank you Chuck, for making me feel so special.


14 thoughts on “One Step At A Time

    • Maxi,
      I already feel so blessed, he keeps telling me this is only the beginning. Each step seems to unwrap yet another gift for us.
      Hugs and Blessings,

      • Oh Jeannie,
        It sounds as if you are headed for the best relationship in your life. My heart and prayers are with you.
        blessings ~ maxi

  1. Maxi,
    I really would like the best relationship of my life. It’s still early (our one month anniversary is today) but so far, this relationship has left the most amazing memories in its wake.

  2. An uolifting feeling floats through from your post and here’s lots more adventures, happy discoveries and hope filled moments for you both. ❤ xXxxxXx

    • Jane,
      Your wisdom and encouraging words are always appreciated. It’s wonderful to have such dear friends who can help me see the forest for the trees. When you’re giddy with these fun-filled, romantic views, it’s easy to lose clear eye sight. So happy that you can see it too.
      Love you,
      Jeannie xxxxxxx

      • I can see and feel it Jeannie and I am so very happy for you, and for both of you. Two naturally loving hearts connected…you deserve every single moment of happiness my lovely friend. Holding your hand and skipping by your side. Hugs and much ❤ Xxxxx

  3. It would also help if I could type….Dear Jeannie….’uplifting’ was the word I was shooting for!! ❤ Xxxxx

      • I am cracked too and I think there is magic in that…when we’re brave enough to say ‘This is me and yes I’m cracked, but my heart is still flowing with love as I step forward with hope’…it’s a ‘Bring it on’ attitude that keeps us going…holding understanding hands and laughing… I love you Jeannie ❤ xxXxx

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