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My Oh My…


Chuck sends me a poem every morning. It seems that during each conversation we have, something we have talked about reminds him of a poem that he’s written. So before long, he’s sending it to me. I have encouraged him to publish a collection of his poetry. Because he hasn’t done that yet, I don’t feel I can share them here on my blog. But I want to so badly. He is an amazing writer.

Just from the titles alone I can see the journey that we are taking together. I wish I had a complete title list of his poems and I’d be able to see the future!

I’ve actually done some thinking about that last line. Seeing the future. I think it’s best that we don’t really know what’s ahead. I think I might be inclined to change my behavior or choices in order to manipulate what I’d like to happen at any given moment. I don’t think I’d want to know the title of the first fight we’ll have one day. Or heaven forbid – the title of the poem that says we’ll break up. (Shudder) Because I know I’d try to alter the outcome in some way. And that might affect the very next poem that indicates we’ll make up and be even closer than we are now.

Everything has it’s purpose. The challenges, conflicts, and disagreements have just as much power in shaping a relationship as the sweet words, hugs and compromises do. So I guess I’ll just have to sign on for the journey and see where the road takes us.
Chuck says he has special ‘super powers’ and can see the future. And that it’s better than either of us can imagine.
He can be my super hero, as long as he wears tights and a cape. (Smiling)

My oh my…. I think there’s a love story happening here.


7 thoughts on “My Oh My…

    1. Oh Jane… feeling pretty happy over here! You don’t know how I wish you were here. Sending you hugs and holding hands.
      Much love,
      Jeannie xxxxx

      1. I can feel it sweetheart…we have had so many disappointments and sharp heartaches haven’t we? It takes enormous courage to hold hope and enjoy the moments. Bless you for your courage and I am right with you holding your hand. Xxx ❤ xxx

  1. Dirt is brown and
    Grass is green;
    I think you
    Are really keen.

    See! I can write lovely poetry for you too!!!

    God has a reason for all things in the lives of His children. A man going through heartache who can’t break from his past, a woman returning to the home of her past, hellos, goodbyes, empty chairs on a sidewalk. Through all the times we cry out for understanding, His usually silent answers is, “Trust Me. I know what I’m doing. This is for your good and for My glory.”

    1. I would, at this very moment ,appear to be manic-depressive… as your post captured both laughter and tears within seconds.
      The poetry you shared Richard is… indeed lovely. However, I don’t think you should give up your day job just yet.
      Your memory is impeccable… you touched on some pretty blatant highlights of my journey. All along both you and He have walked along with me. I want to say thank you to you both.
      I am amazed at the blessings that have been flowing like a mighty river since I firs saw him. God indeed has been given all the Glory.
      With hugs and gratitude for your friendship,

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