On The Pedestal (aka Infatuation)


Ahh yes, all good things must come to an end as the saying goes. And infatuation is one of those things.
Infatuation has a very important purpose. It’s gets us interested in another person for romantic purposes and keeps us that way until we have enough information and desire to carry things on to the next level. Creating the ever popular relationship.

Infatuation is when you see only the good things about your new crush. That person climbs up the proverbial pedestal. And they stay there for a bit of time. Until life intervenes and topples that lovely person right off of their pedestal perch.

Chuck (or as many of you might know him, Eat, Pray Love Guy) and I have been sailing along nicely in Infatuation Land. The birds have been singing, the bees buzzing, and the skies have been the brightest shade of blue. I really sort of liked it… a lot. Nothing is better than the feeling of almost love. It’s that phase where you can’t eat, you can’t sleep and you can’t get that person out of your head for a million dollars. Not that you’d want to. Let me tell you, Chuck can do no wrong. Not in my star-sparkled eyes anyway.

That is until Saturday. We had a talk. At Perkins. (Now officially known as a ‘Perkins talk’). You know, the serious kind of talk. Where you exchanged the gory details of your afore-mentioned prior relationships. Where you openly and hesitantly acknowledge how you’ve mucked them up in the past and sincerely hope to do better this time around.

Both his pedestal and mine began to shake a bit. As tightly as we both tried to hold on to this lovely view, alas, we hit the floor. Pedestals shattered. Reality Bites. Truly.

The good news is this next phase is where real love begins to take shape in the foundations being laid. Somewhere between the coffee, The All American Breakfast and the Tremendous Twelve, Chuck and I threw our cards on the table. And fortunately, even though there were some colorful cards on both sides, we still came out holding hands. I’m calling that success.

Over the following days we have both been asking questions, clarifying issues and considering options. We’re still stepping forward together right through the pieces of pedestal that are now laying crumbled on the floor.

As handsome as he was sitting up there on that pedestal, he even looks better now that his feet are planted firmly on the floor.


One thought on “On The Pedestal (aka Infatuation)

  1. I am way behind on your blog Jeannie, catching up now! Flowing steps my lovely and I applaud your bravery in taking them. Love always ❤ xXx

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