A Challenge


Oh yeah.. it’s getting real alright. Chuck sent me this lovely picture this morning. He got the bikes out of winter storage. He took this one to the car wash to clean off the dust. He oiled it up. Then he took it for a little spin. Five miles. Just a little spin for him. He rides his recumbent bike 23 miles each way to work every day. He’s logged 21,000 miles on one of his bikes and 17,000 miles on the other one. I guess that says he’s pretty serious about bike riding.

Sooo… he got this one all set up (yup, you guessed it..) for me.
Don’t hurt yourself laughing. I know.. I know… I laughed at first too. But it would make him happy as a pig in …. (well you know) if I joined him on a bike ride. So who am I to disappoint this great guy?

I’m this optimistic type person. I think I can do anything if I just put my mind to it. But it looks like I’ll be putting my body into it this time. Needless to say, I have concerns. I exercise my mind regularly. Like daily.. for many hours. But my body has been slacking for decades. Well, not for decades, but for a long time.

I’ve been going to the Y sporadically. I even did some physical therapy on my shoulder and it gave me a boost to move my body more. This bike ride dream he has includes a picnic lunch. How can I turn that down? Well, the 30 mile ride to the picnic site and the immediate need for oxygen before we unpack the picnic basket might put a damper on lunch. Then of course there will be the return bike ride after eating.

Oh good Lord, what have I done?!


3 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. I am not chuckling (much)….you and I have been talking about exercise haven’t we? Well, not a lot, but it has featured in our conversations now and then…we need to be careful what we wish for. The Air Ambulance is always an option? I am loving hearing and sharing this wonderful chapter that is unfolding for you (and yup, I’ll be there at your side with oxygen!) ā¤ Xxxxxxxx

    • Jane,
      I can hear you roaring with laughter… but it’s okay, I knew I could count on you to show up with the oxygen. I’ll be near the world-famous Mayo Clinic, in fact, Chuck works there,
      I’m sure the ride will be as wonderful as he is. šŸ™‚
      Love you tons!
      Jeannie xxxxxxx

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