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My Last First Kiss


As I think about this new relationship and the probability (or at least great hopefulness) that there will be a kiss…
I have to admit, I’m feeling some anticipation about it. I’ve even gone so far as to imagine it as we talk on the phone. (I’m still paying attention to the conversation… really!)

I know he’s a good kisser.. I just know it. He might even border upon epic kisser. (No pressure Eat Pray Love Guy) Who am I kidding. Of course there’s pressure. The whole course of a relationship depends upon that first kiss.

Now, I have checked my lip gloss supply, because I’m fairly certain that when this first kiss actually takes place, that there will be many more to follow. And you know me, I wanna be prepared. No dry lips in my world.

(I began a draft of this blog and then got side tracked by Eat Pray Love Guy aka Chuck.)

So to continue… there was a first kiss.  At the end of our first date, just about a month ago.  And it was very special.  I can actually say it was indeed, epic.

I had been thinking of this kiss all throughout the date.  From the moment he picked me up and greeted me with a hug.  You know, the kind where you really embrace.  The fit of his strong arms around me and mine around him lead me to believe each time this happened, it would be better than the last time.  I really didn’t want to let go.  But once I did, his smile was looking right down at me.  I knew it would be a wonderful day.

And it was.  When he drove me back home, I invited him in.  We’d been driving for two hours and I didn’t feel right about sending him back on the road without a break.  I think he’d been thinking about this kiss for a whole too.  Because he positioned himself right in the center of the couch.  So no matter where I sat, there he’d be.  (I like a man with a plan.)  I sat to his left turned slightly so I could make eye contact with him.  I’d been sitting to his side most of the day and I wanted to look at him straight on for a while.

We recounted the day and smiled a lot.  Then he began his strategy.

He he looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Jeannie, I know what you’re thinking,”

I smiled and thought he’d probably croak if he really did know what I was thinking.  So I stuck with the smile, trying to make it appear as innocent as possible. I replied, “So tell me, what am I thinking?”

His responded immediately, but he was wrong.  (I didn’t tell him that though.)

He went on explaining how he knew I was expecting a kiss. And that he didn’t want to disappoint me.  That every first date should end with a kiss, especially when it was as nice as our first date had been.

Now, I hadn’t heard this approach before, and I thought it was quite clever as he was trying to plant this idea in my head.  I just smiled and didn’t let it show that I was on to his tactic.

It had been 43 years since he’d last been on a date, I gave him this one and turned slightly toward him.  He picked up on my move immediately.  He leaned in toward me… (I was trying not to smile, I didn’t want him to kiss my teeth for crying out loud!)  It’s really hard not to smile when you think you’ve got ’em figured out.  Fortunately I didn’t talk as much as I was thinking, because otherwise he’d never have had a moment to even sneak one in there.

He leaned in toward me, his right hand reaching up to pull me in toward him.  Until….  finally.. his soft, warm lips gently met mine.

I’ve never been much of a facial hair kind of girl.  But Chuck has a shortly trimmed full beard and mustache.  I have to say I found it very alluring, sexy even.  I could feel his breath on my lips as he reached for another kiss.

Yup…  I was melting right then and there.  Each kiss left me wanting just one more.  And I’m not certain how we ended this.  We can’t even say goodbye on a phone call.  But eventually he stood up and thanked me for a perfectly wonderful day.  I stood up too even though my knees felt weak.  I managed to find my balance until he got to the door.  He caught me in one more of those amazing hugs, and said good night.

Standing by my window, I watched Chuck as he got back into his car.  And I felt this warm glow inside of me.  I just knew this was my last first kiss.


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