You + Me = We


Chuck and I are going back and forth between “going slowly and taking our time” OR “jumping head first into the pool”, so to speak. We met a few weeks ago. And we have found a pretty solid connection. We spend countless hours on the phone (3-5 hours a day) talking about everything and nothing. We’ve met each other’s kids and we’re heading out into the world as a couple. It’s all falling into place. Just what place is yet to be determined, but we’ve decided it’s solid enough to be exclusive.

We are a lot alike, Chuck and I. Our personality types are very similar. Our interests and past experiences are a lot alike, and at the same time, very different. I think that’s what makes it so interesting.

He’s been stuck in his writing for a couple of months. Then he had an inspiration for a poem. He wrote down the title. That’s where he stopped. So just for fun, I pounded out a little poem too, using the same title. I am clearly no poet. But I read him what I’d written. He asked if he could use pieces of it. And voila, we’re writing together.

It feels as if we’ve been together for ages. Comfortable. Warm. Safe.

We had some time together today, and he asked me to come along to a lunch meeting he had scheduled. It was all very interesting. Watching the dynamics between Chuck and the other guy. Watching them handle ‘business’. Then all of a sudden details started to fly. I pulled out my pen and paper, put on my secretary hat, and started taking notes. An hour and a half later, we all shook hands and Chuck and I left. He said he was glad that I’d come along, that it felt nice having me beside him. He was able to focus on the conversation while I focused on the details.
A bit later, we both had to venture off to work, but just before I left, he said “it’s ‘We’ now.

I’m sure I’ll find out just what that means in time, but for now, I’m liking the sound of ‘We.’


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