Elusive Sleep – Where Oh Where Are You?


The lyrics begin, “Cool like the flip side of my pillow.”  I think all sorts of random things like that when I’m lying there in a totally sleepless state.  I flipped my pillow a lot during the three hours this evening that I was trying, oh so hard, to fall asleep.

I work the night shift and it just ain’t easy to sleep during the day time.  You’d think I’d just be so darn exhausted that sleep would just happen.  Today, I did fall asleep.  Chuck calls me every morning and we visited for a while.  He told me “good night” and I went to sleep.  For three hours.

That’s when Hunter began knocking on the door.  He got out of school an hour early today.  I staggered to the door and let him in.  Then I put on my perky mom face and pointed to the snacks while I grabbed my robe.   My whole fashion statement has changed since I began working nights last summer.  I wear pajamas.  That’s it.  I’m always either just waking up or just going to bed.  Pajamas.

I have this whole pre-sleep routine that I maneuver through every morning when I get home from work.

I  hang up my coat.

Turn on the electric blanket, number 6 (to pre-heat)

Wash my face

Brush my teeth.

Turn off my phone

Get a glass of milk

Turn on the fan (it blocks random noises)

Turn down the electric blanket, number two

Pull down the covers

Kick off my pink fuzzy slippers

Crawl in bed   (it’s snuggly warm)

Close my eyes.

It seems simple enough,.  But some days, it doesn’t work to make sleep occur.  Some days I just wanna be out there in the sunlight.  Running errands, getting groceries, lunching with friends, even doing laundry.  So this list goes through my mind as I lay there.  All the things I wanna be doing.  But I know I need to sleep cause I gotta work again tonight.  I need to be conscious and focused while I’m there.  Sleep helps that happen.

But tonight, coffee is gonna help that happen.

Pajamas and coffee.  My new best friends.


3 thoughts on “Elusive Sleep – Where Oh Where Are You?

    • Well Maxi,
      I’d have to say YES I am tired alot. I have a whole new appreciation for my days off when I can sleep in the dark. I feel so re-energized. The up side is that this isn’t a forever position.
      Love and Blessings,

  1. We need a slumber party my friend…heading over right now with my jammies and slippers…..and hot chocolate I reckon…I love you Xxxxx ❤

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