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In The Blender


Here we go… on to the next step. I’m heading to Chuck’s for the weekend. We’ve got a bunch of plans, some of which include activities with his adult kids and going out as a couple into his community. We’re blending our lives in small ways.

Finding time with our work schedules to actually spend time together is a major undertaking in itself. I met three of his kids on the first day that he and I met. But now, we’re sort of becoming fixtures in each other’s lives. A little bit at a time. And our kids have been hearing about Chuck and Jeannie.

I’m not quite as on edge as these fish in the blender, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous. Chuck and I get along so well and we have so much fun. I’m hoping that our kids will see that. It’s always a bit tense introducing someone new into our lives. It changes the dynamic. They are only used to seeing their dad with their mom.. and now there’s this new Iowa Woman hanging around with their dad.

Chuck and Jeannie have been hearing from the kids too. And from coworkers and friends. It seems everyone has a strong opinion about our new relationship. We have compared notes on what we’re each hearing from out there.
“Maybe you should take some time apart to see if it’s real.”
“Maybe you’re going too fast.”
“Maybe it’s too soon.”
“Just go for it.”

Here’s what Chuck and Jeannie decided. We’re simply going to enjoy each other. We’re going to keep learning about each other by spending some time together… which equals about once a week. We send emails now and then. We talk on the phone every day.

He and I have had some deep conversations, laying our cards on the table and talking about our pasts. We’ve chosen to keep some things just between the two of us. Sounds reasonable since it’s our relationship.

We have only been dating a few weeks. And it’s been wonderful. No plans have been made long term, cause it’s not time for that yet. But we’ve made it past the first date, and the second. We’ve listened intently to each other and we’ve shared the hard stuff from our pasts, and we’re still standing. That alone says this is something special. So we’re gonna celebrate that.

Eat Pray Love Guy and That Iowa Woman are going on a date to see a movie this weekend. It’s pretty normal, no worries everyone.


2 thoughts on “In The Blender

  1. Well, since everyone else is having some say in your new relationship … It’s like you’re a contestant on The Price is Right. You’re standing in front of Drew Carey trying to get the closest to the correct price on a new La-z-boy chair without going over and the audience is yelling their prices at you. So here’s my two cents:

    Let everybody shout, but you and EPL Guy listen to each other. Don’t worry about over-bidding; I’ll think you’ll be right on the money.

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