A Most Excellent Day


There are those days that are simply amazing. I had one today. It was cold, about 35 degrees… with a fine mist that soon became snow flakes..in April. Not necessarily welcome. In fact, completely unwelcome at this point. It’s spring for crying out loud. But I barely noticed.

Odd? Yes. Because I don’t like winter. I’m not into snowmobiles or skiing or ice skating even though I’ve lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa for most of my life. My idea of a perfect winter day is hanging out in the kitchen concocting some new creation or buried under blankets on the couch watching videos.

But today, none of it mattered. I was up early. Made coffee and sipped at it while I checked email. I showered and made myself presentable. I even had a good hair day. Then I drove into Rochester for an interview. One step inside the front door and I knew something wonderful was about to happen. Of course in that first step I tripped. But I didn’t fall. Fortunately. I was there for an interview. It wouldn’t have made a good impression if I had needed first aid.

Even though I had never crossed this doorway before it felt comfortable and familiar. A cheerful young lady behind the reception counter was answering a phone call and a client was on the lobby computer looking up an ad she had found. A small boy, maybe about 6 can plodding through the reception area where I had taken a seat in the corner. He looked at me, but did not respond to my hello or smile. I didn’t think he was being rude, I am after all a stranger. A slim woman in a black exercise suit came through carrying a bag of supplies. She glanced at me as I glance at her. I wondered if we would become coworkers.

I was lost in that thought as another woman appeared, younger than I am but taller, as most everyone is. She motioned that I should follow her. Through this hallway and that, then a door way, and another until there was a desk with two chairs facing it. I took a seat and the interview began. With a worksheet and ten minutes to complete it. An essay none the less. fortunately I like to write and usually have a lot to say about most things. I was finished with the worksheet with plenty of time to spare. I put my pen down and looked around the room. A mid-fall yellow with black words scrolling across the room just above the file cabinets. The only visible word said Every the other words were obscured by unexplored Easter Baskets. Apparently this is where the extras are kept until next year.

The young tall woman reappeared with a reinforcement. A group interview, I took this to be good news. I thought maybe my initial impression might have been a good one and worthy of further investigation. It was a good thought.

They ladies shot out questions and each took a turn writing down my responses. I felt so excited by this interview. I was talking… a lot, like usual. I felt confident and like I fit in here somehow.
Then a ‘trick’ question. “What position are you applying for?”
But I caught it and responded with, “I was told the only position available was….. ”
There was a new development.
(I was quietly praying that there was another second position, full time.)
These young ladies did not let me down.

“In fact, just this morning we became aware of another position. It would be full time though.”
I believe my excited smile could be seen for several blocks. Just short of jumping up and down, I shared that I would in fact, be interested in that very position.

This of course lengthened the interview to an hour and a half. But I felt I had an intelligent well-thought answer for each question on their lists. Reaching the end of their questions list, the two of them conferred as if I could no longer hear them. Deciding that if further questions were indicated, they could simply call me. I agreed. They handed me one last sheet of paper and a pen. They need a background check. No worries. It seems everyone does.

I turned in this last form to the ladies who were now stationed in the reception area. They were visiting with a coworker who had gotten a new dog last night. A pug named Margo. The name suited her.

The young tall woman took the signed form from me and said they’d be checking my references and then I’d be hearing from them. I thanked them and asked them to call if they needed anything further.

So my fingers are crossed as I lay myself down for a nap before I go to work tonight on the night shift. If I get the new job, one of the perks will be sleeping at night. I can hardly wait.


2 thoughts on “A Most Excellent Day

  1. Wishin’ ya all the luck, Jeannie. I did night work for a while when I was young. Yuk! I’m a day person too, can’t stand nights.
    blessings ~ maxi

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