ANTICIPATION – Is Makin’ Me Wait


Remember the commercial from years ago… Anticipation ~ is makin’ me wait? Ketchup. It’s all about the ketchup.

Well, not exactly.. I”m just trying to make light of all the pots that I have simmering on the stove at this moment. Oddly none of it requires ketchup. But all of it requires time and patience. Thus the anticipation levels are rising. Pots on a slow simmer. One bubble and then wait for it… another. But nothing is done yet. The flavors have not melded. The ingredients haven’t yet combined thoroughly. And you really do want it to be just right. Sometimes waiting is the only answer. Other times it’s right to push on through with a decision. Not this time.

First of all we have Chuck’s tests. They were completed and the results came back. He’s been sort of vague about the results. It puzzles me really. He pooh-poohs it when really it isn’t pooh-poohable. But he’s dealing with something here other than his health. His health is just the venue with which the issue has come forward. His wife passed away unexpectedly. Grief comes in waves and stages over time. I think this is one of those times. You can’t experience the death of a partner of 43 years and not be deeply affected by it. He had health things that he had been managing for a few years, and yet she.. with no health issues, just passed away.

I think he has the mentality that if you don’t think about it- then it isn’t a problem. Minimize it. It’s no big deal. Really. And compared to all that he has swirling around in his mind, it really doesn’t begin to compare. So what does that mean for me? Hmmm.. my favorite! Patience. Pass the ketchup.

Then.. there’s the job interview I had last week. It was so awesome. Then I got a call on Monday, that they wanted me to come in for a second interview. (A shout out to my references, you know who you are – and thank you so much for your input into my future!) The second interview was just as amazing as the first. I was asked about my availability, as in how soon would I be able to start. So I feel very positive about this opportunity. I was told that I would hear from them in a day or two. Today was day two… and guess what?! Not a word. Nada. Maybe tomorrow. Pass the ketchup.

TGIT – Thank Goodness It’s Thursday. My favorite television watching evening. I wait for it all week actually. My daughter and granddaughter have me hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, Kali informed me that she is watching the whole series from day one.. all over again. And then follows Scandal. That one gives my blood pressure a work out. But I love it. And it wasn’t on last week, so I’ve been waiting a long time for this one. Pass the Ketchup.

In my current job, I have one weekend a month where I’m off and not on call. This weekend is it. And Chuck and I are going to spend it together. We are taking a bike to the bike shop in Minneapolis to have the brakes adjusted. Gotta stop when ya gotta stop. While the bike shop is doing their thing, we’re going to the zoo. I love the zoo. It makes me smile. After we pick up the bike, I know some fun little spots to eat, I have a favorite and I haven’t been there in ages. Jake’s City Grille in Eagan. Yummy. No ketchup necessary.

So while the pots are simmering on the stove, life goes on. Anticipation is makin’ me wait. But I have the weekend with my favorite guy. It’s all good.


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